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Why I Love Creating Spoon Stories on Spoon University's Video Platform

So you're saying I can make a video in less than two hours while sitting in bed in my PJ's?

For spring break 2k17, I took myself and the Spooniverse on a trip to Japan. After hearing how amazing Japanese 7-Eleven was, I knew I had to check it out for myself. Cue Kat's first Spoon Stories video:

Making this video was surprisingly easy. Who knew you could accomplish so much from just a few minutes of filming in a convenience store and sourcing some content from the Internet? I was hooked. 

As much as I love cooking and baking, turning my creations into recipe videos was a whole different game. Not only would my kitchen look like I just cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner, but I was also left with way too much food. Sure, an entire cheesecake to yourself sounds bomb, until you realize you have another cheesecake from testing out the recipe you wrote.

Filming recipe videos also left a lot more room for error. Realize you forgot to hit record when you finished frosting the cake? Guess you need to make another cake. #RIP

With the news format, I can save myself the time and effort of filming a video from scratch and still end up with some dank content that gets way more views. You can even grab the attention of big companies and get free stuff! True story.

Kat Fernandez

As I've gained more experience with these videos, I've realized why I love this format so much. Even though I've only made a few news videos, my experience has already been nothing short of wonderful. With these reasons, I hope I can inspire some Spoonies to hop onboard with the Spoon Stories video format!

Spoon Stories Videos Are Flexible

Kat Fernandez

Whether you're in Japan for spring break or stuck at home on a weekend, there's no excuse to not be able to whip up one of these videos. During my trip, I walked into one of the many convenience stores lining the street, whipped out my phone, and walked out with some quality footage and tuna onigiri in just 15 minutes.

Not down to go out and film? Just source everything from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or GIPHY. You can literally make a video in bed.

You're also free to choose any topic that interests you. From current events to food myths, there's something for everyone.

I Can Educate The Public (And Myself!)

As a food science major, it's important to me that consumers are aware of what food science is and why food is grown and processed in the way that it is. I hate hearing people say "I don't want chemicals in my food!" or seeing companies put GMOs in a bad light. People shouldn't be confused about what they put into their bodies everyday. Because Spoon videos reach so many people and rack up way more views than other videos, you have the power to educate people on their food.

Making these videos also allows you to dive deep into the topic and learn a ton of new information. During my sustainability internship last spring, we discussed why cage-free & free range eggs aren't as great as they seem, sparking my interest in the topic and inspiring my next Spoon Stories video.

I Can Get Creative With It

Kat Fernandez

With Spoon Stories videos, you're in charge of the script and visuals. You'll learn how to become a great storyteller and how to engage your audience. When you're filming original content, you can really get creative with interesting shots and angles. Wanna switch it up a bit? Add in an interview to change up the narrative or even add a recipe for the ultimate hybrid video!

Even if you're not using any original footage, the format still gives you some creative freedom. There's tons of content out there for you to choose from, so it's up to you to decide which ones will be the most visually pleasing to your audience!

I've grown so much as a videographer since I first started making Spoon videos a year ago, and my rewarding experience only motivates me to put more content out there for the world to see. I encourage my fellow Spoonies to give the Spoon Stories videos a shot (even if you're new to videography!) and you just might find a new passion.