Hey Spooniverse,

When we started Spoon as just a small print magazine at Northwestern, we had no idea what it would become. It’s grown and changed a lot over the last few years, but we’ve always stayed true to our original goal: empowering people to tell stories and be heard. Today, we’re so excited to introduce the next chapter of Spoon storytelling, where video is king.

Why now? Because now, unlike a few years ago, every social media platform and website supports video. With better tech and an internet full of creators, people have more options than ever to consume the content they love. And people especially love watching food videos, because, well, it’s the next best thing to eating it. The reality now is that videos get seen and shared more than articles. Companies are hiring people with video and multimedia skills more than writing skills.

With this new shift in media, we’re committing to helping you stay ahead of the curve. We want to help you get your stories heard and land top jobs and internships in the industry. Here’s what we’re going to do about it:

In 2018, we’ll launch tools to empower you to tell your stories in an engaging and modern way. We’ll host trainings to teach you how to produce video you can be proud of. In the end, you'll be a multimedia storyteller and on your way to becoming a video expert.

Some of you tried the beta video storyboarding tool that we launched last semester, which was designed to help you source footage for your videos and help you tell a story without worrying about video editing software until the end. In February, we are going a step further: we will launch an fully functional video editor inside of Secret Sauce, so that you won’t have to use any outside video editing software to make a Spoon video. It will be as easy (or even easier) to create a video as it is to write an article.

Over the course of this semester, we’ll work with you to develop how video can be at the forefront of Spoon. We’re looking for Spoon members to become Video Managers on their chapters and work directly with us at HQ to develop the system for how video will work on Spoon chapters all over the world.

This is your opportunity to reach millions of people: fill out this form to get more information on the Video Manager program and commit to exploring video in your Spoon experience. No video experience required. Just bring your eagerness to learn.

We’re so proud of what you’ve already done, and we couldn’t be more excited for what you’ve yet to do.

Sarah and Mackenzie