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How to Talk About Spoon to School Administration and Organization Boards

What to say to your professors and campus RSO boards.

Most schools have a process in place for clubs to become “official” or recognized student organizations. Chances are the process is a real drag, but it can be worth it.

For example, since becoming a recognized student group, my chapter gets funding for events. The process to get there was long and annoying, but getting funding made everything worth it.

In order to gain this official status, you'll probably have to speak about your Spoon chapter to your school administration or RSO boards, and we're here to help you.

Tips and tricks to keep in mind

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Mackenzie Patel

In order to sell Spoon as a valuable student org, be sure to hit on key points about your chapter. How many people do you have? How many articles do you publish monthly? How many total pageviews do you have? What about Instagram followers?

Giving good statistics will make your chapter seem impressive (not that you aren’t actually impressive, of course). It will also show that you are knowledgeable about your chapter.

You should also know how to answer questions about what Spoon can contribute to the campus. You are THE food resource and you have created a community of food lovers who are gaining valuable experience in journalism, photography, social media and event planning.

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Kristen Pizzo

You should be able to expand on this with your own views and with specific examples from your chapter. What events have you had? Have you had any particularly successful articles? How have you integrated yourself within your community?

If you're a member of our community, check out Spoon’s sample constitution in Secret Sauce's Resource section for more info that you can work with to sell yourself and your chapter to your school. 

School administrations can be super nitpicky and sometimes straight-up annoying, but it is important that you stay polite and focused throughout the process. If you back up everything you say with great evidence and a smile, there should be no reason to say no to you!