Chill" Dickey here from sweet ol' Antigonish Nova Scotia. I am a part-time barista and full-time student living the university dream, which basically means I drink a lot of boxed wine and eat a lot of ramen. 

I spend my free time watching What I Ate in a Day videos, American Horror Story, and complaining about meal hall food. I study Marketing, I do stand up comedy, I play basketball, I yell abut feminism, (gurl powaaa), I thrift Dad-aesthetic t-shirts, I sew dresses into rompers, I eat cake, I drink too much black coffee, & I love food.

The dream is to graduate with a Marketing degree and then proceed into a Chef Skills program in a college in a bigger city. I'd love to work at a bed and breakfast type restaurant concerned with healthy, vegetable-heavy, TASTY dining. A rotating menu is key for me when I talk about becoming a chef and working in a kitchen. I would go insane pretty quickly making the same dozen entrees every night.

That's it that's all. Protect your joy. Save the bees. Water is precious.