As many of you know, college can be a difficult time to find healthy, delicious food. I was a little worried about that, until I was walking home one day and saw this food truck on the way back to my dorm. It was parked right outside my front door and I was immeditely intrigued. Living up to its name, The Purple Tree Truck just caught my eye.

My friend and I are obsessed with smoothies, so naturally, we had to stop and get one. For reasonable prices, we knew this would become our new go-to. Luckily, it tasted like a piece of home all the way back in Atlanta and we were so happy we found this underrated food truck on our campus at the University of Arizona.

Devyn Edelstein

The next time I went, I ordered an açaí bowl and it was one of the best and most refreshing foods I have ever tasted. The açaí bowl has granola, bananas, strawberries, sometimes mango, coconut shavings and sometimes peanut butter. It also has a special açaí smoothie blend.

It's so funny now because whenever I see the truck, I can't just walk past it. My friends and I always text each other when we spot it on campus because with this continuous hot weather, nothing is more refreshing than the taste of blended fresh fruit.

Devyn Edelstein

Since it is conveniently located by my dorm, I now know where to find a healthy snack. When I don't have time to eat anywhere else, this is the perfect place to go.

The Purple Tree Truck is convenient, fast, and simply delicious. I follow the Instagram account so I can see where they are located daily. The food is fantastic and I really do look forward to it when I know it is a "Purple Tree Truck" kind of day. The gentleman who I believe owns the business is so kind. He makes the food very fast, so I can order, pay, and move on with my day!

The Purple Tree Truck offers smoothies, açaí bowls, healthy ice cream sandwiches (which I have yet to try) and more. I highly recommend this delicious spot for students or anyone who spots this in Tucson.