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The idea sprung when their company recognized a need for new and exciting flavors. They developed a candy bar that does just that. Its a one-up on regular cookies and has more flavor and substance than a bar alone.

And unlike the thin versions of cookies that continue to come out, it comes from an opposite place of oh-so-ultimate indulgence. It's about more, in every definition of the word.

And I got to be one of the lucky few to try it early. Hershey's sent me one of each flavor: vanilla creme, caramel and mint. Each flavor comes in snack size, king size, and many sizes in between.

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Hershey's describes the vanilla creme bars as, "milk chocolate bars with chocolate cookie bits and vanilla flavored creme with other natural flavor." I'm not quite sure what "other natural flavor" means, but I dove in anyway, and I have to say, I didn't hate it.

The first taste that sprung to mind when I took my first bite was the Hershey's Cookies and Cream white chocolate bar which is a go-to snack of mine. While this new bar is made with milk chocolate, it does have a resemblance to the other.

Ashley Steinberg

The difference with this bar is that instead of hitting you with cookies and cream flavor all around, the flavor comes in levels. Just looking at the cookie bits in the center, you can tell there's going to be a nice crunchy, cookie bite. The bits kind of reminded me of crunchies they put in Carvel cakes, and the creme is visible and mouth-watering.

When you taste it, you get the chocolate first, then get a contrasting, balancing flavor from the creme and a nice crunch from the cookie bits. There's even a little salty flavor in the after bite which I didn't mind at all.

Ashley Steinberg

The caramel flavor is described as "milk chocolate bars with shortbread cookie bits and caramel." No "natural flavoring" noted here, although I have to admit this one wasn't as delectable as the last. Don't get me wrong, it was still delicious, but it reminded me more of a regular Hershey's milk chocolate bar. 

When you first open the packaging, the caramel comes oozing out, which is always a good sign in my book. There's a nutty smell, which surprised me because there are no nuts in it as far as I could tell. There is a strong milk chocolate flavored that isn't mellowed as much by the initial taste of caramel. A salted caramel like this DIY version may have given it a better contrast.

The shortbread did not have much influence on the flavor, but it did add some nice crunch. And it's messy in a fun way that had me licking caramel off my fingers long after I had finished the bar.

Ashley Steinberg

The mint flavor is "dark chocolate bars" featuring "chocolate cookie bits and mint creme." They're not quite York Peppermint patties, but are much closer to Thin Mints with the minty flavor really shining through. If you like mint and chocolate, you will not be disappointed.

If you're a chocolate fan and you're wondering whether you should go out and get some of these when they come out, the answer is absolutely, especially if the rumors of impending chocolate extinction are true. They come out on December 2, 2016 and you can find them at grocery, convenience and mass retailers nationwide including Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreen’s, Kroger, Sam’s Club and other leading national retailers. Mark your calendars.