A Gilmore Girls themed ice cream flavor is a recipe for pun explosions. Ample Hills Creamery, a Brooklyn-based ice cream shop, created such a treat and it’s everything we could have imagined it to be.

The ice cream shop set up a contest in which fans came up puns and flavor combinations for the ideal Gilmore Girls ice cream flavor. Fans submitted their entries on social media using the hashtag #GilmoreGirlsIceCream. After the contest ended, the Ample Hills team sifted through 2,500 entries and chose a winner.

“They scoop Gilmores, don’t they?” is the name of the winning flavor. It’s a coffee chocolate pudding ice cream with homemade snickerdoodles, topped with pink Poptart sprinkles. As the show suggests, it takes years of training to be able to eat like a Gilmore.

Photo Courtesy of Ample Hills Creamery

“It was important for us to award an excellent pun,” Ample Hills Art Director, Lauren Kaelin told Spoon University. “We wanted a reference that true fans would remember, as well as something about the relationships that the women in the show develop overtime.”

True fans will get that the chocolate pudding is a play on Emily Gilmore.

Being a loyal Gilmore Girls fan, myself, I tried the punny flavor to see if it lived up to the hype.

Marina Nazario

It has a smooth coffee sweetness that perfectly encompasses the coffee craze of the characters. The chocolate pudding flavor isn’t overpowering, in fact, I can barely taste it. Sorry, Mrs. Gilmore.

My favorite part of the ice cream is the Poptart sprinkles. It adds a nice, chewy texture to the silky ice cream and I love that I can taste a hint of the strawberry sprinkles. It definitely adds personality to the ice cream, representing the Gilmore Girls well.

Marina Nazario

For those not in NYC, you can order the Gilmore Girls themed four-pack online. It’s called, “Where You Lead, I Will Marshmallow” (punny, right?) and includes two pints of the winning coffee chocolate pudding flavor, one pint of an Ample Hills original flavor “Snap, Mallow, Pop!” and one pint of “No Sleep Till Pumpkin” (the PSL of ice creams). The four-pack is being sold for $9.00 a pint.

Ample Hills shared with us that the flavor has been so popular that it completely sold out of the four-pack pints. But fear not, they are working on creating about 100-1,000 more to ship before the new season airs on Netflix. Oy, with the poodles already.

Photo Courtesy of Ample Hills Creamery
The ice cream shop is known for creating limited time, wacky flavors based on movies or prominent people in society — such as Star Wars, Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton. But Kaelin divulged that this is one of their most popular exclusive flavors yet. So quit being such a Dean and get your hands on this before it’s too late.