Morning breakfast needs to meet two qualifications in my life. First, it has to be quick. I don't necessarily have time to prepare a smoothie or egg cups; I need something I can take out of a refrigerator or cabinet and inhale two minutes before having to run out the door. Second, it must to be delicious. Just because I sacrifice time does not mean I am willing to give up an enjoyable, tasty meal.

One of my favorite breakfasts has to be yoghurt. Since my elementary school days, it has been a habit of mine to try as many flavors as possible. My fridge is home to an entire plethora of yoghurt styles — from Peanut Butter Banana Oikos Greek Yogurt to Orange Cream Whipped Yoplait, I've had them all.

Recently, I have been introduced to a new brand of yoghurt—Noosa. Based out of Colorado, Noosa produces the "finest yoghurt". Their slogan does not lie. The yoghurt is formulated with magic (yes, magic) plus some awesome and wholesome ingredients.

What is Noosa?

Noosa is a yoghurt brand whose mission is to make products from the best ingredients possible. With high-quality standards, Noosa perfects every batch before sending it to grocery stores around the country.

Every batch of yoghurt starts off with GMO-free milk, sourced from farmers only minutes away from Noosa's base. A touch of wildflower honey gets added to the mix for a uniquely sweet taste. From there, the yoghurt goes through 36 distinct tests to ensure that it is the best it can be.

Fresh fruits are layered on the bottom to add an extra dimension of flavor and sweetness. Only the ripest fruits are chosen to do this job. Antioxidants from the fruits and well as added probiotics make this yoghurt a perfect, healthy way to start your day.

The current flavors of Noosa are extensive: they have a line of "Classic Cultures" that range from pineapple to peach to pumpkin, as well as Sweet and Tart yoghurts. Flavors like Pear and Cardamom and Orange and Ginger will give your tastebuds something to enjoy. If you are on the daring side of life, you can try "Sweet Heat" selections, which include Blackberry Serrano and Raspberry Habanero.

Back in the Summer of 2017, they released a new line-up of yoghurt products called Noosa Mates. The mates are a basic concept of mix-ins and yoghurt. Each yoghurt is topped with a creative topping to add extra flavors and texture. The release had five flavors for every possible yoghurt craving.

New Additions

With the start of 2018, Noosa thought it would only be appropriate to add new flavors to the menu. The five new yoghurts were added to multiple of the ranges. Three Noosa Mates were created, as well as two simpler cultures.

Caramel Chocolate Pecan

Photo courtesy of Noosa

The first addition to the Noosa Mate family is a sweet tooth's dream. The bottom of the yoghurt is a smooth caramel. It is not too overwhelming, and the addition of salted pretzels and pecans balances out the sugar. Of course, adding chocolate chips to anything only makes it better.

Coffee Chocolate Almond  

Photo courtesy of Noosa

According to the Pinterest trends of 2018, coffee is going to be big this year. Following with the trend, Noosa starts the base off with cold brew coffee in their lightly sweetened yoghurt. The coffee crisps add an extra boost of coffee flavor. The high-quality Guittard chocolate chips and sliced almonds add a nutty, rich flavor.

Blueberry Walnut Granola

Photo courtesy of Noosa

For anyone who's a fan of parfaits, this yoghurt is for you. The blueberry puree on the bottom is sweet, and works well when paired Purely Elizabeth Granola. The crunchy cinnamon granola is created with holistic and philanthropic values in mind. Both Noosa and Purely Elizabeth value giving back to their communities. The collaboration of food and service work together to form a breakfast for champions.


Photo courtesy of Noosa

For lovers of blackberry ice cream (yes, we have a fan club), this yoghurt can only be described as the yoghurt version of this ice cream. Its flavor is tart, yet sweet. For anyone who hasn't ventured into the realm of blackberry, this is a perfect start.

Raspberry Lemonade

Photo courtesy of Noosa

I was a bit hesitant to try this flavor, as I was not sure how citrus and yoghurt would match. However, I ended up saving the best for last. The sour pucker from the lemon and sweet and pulpy raspberry are combined together in a perfect mixture at the bottom. While there was no crunch, the flavor was really what stood out here.

Whether you are looking for a classic fruit flavor or something with a bit of pizzazz, be sure to check out Noosa's new flavors for yourself. Noosa is sold in many grocery stores, including Walmart, ShopRite, and Stop and Shop. To see where they are sold, they have a convenient store locator. While they do not ship, you can ensure your local yoghurt carrier has your favorite flavors by requesting it via a retailer request form. Happy Spooning!