I’m back with another Kickin’ The Carbs recipe. This time, it's a cauliflower creation. Recently, I’ve been super into incorporating cauliflower as a substitute for flour or rice - from cauliflower stir fry, to cauliflower pizza base, to  cauliflower wraps. This superfood only has 146 calories in an entire head and is extremely low in carbohydrates. Like any college student, I find myself cooking the same thing over and over again because it’s either 1) time efficient or 2) easy to make - but I’ve been extremely bored with my options and it’s time to switch it up. After scrolling through the internet for new options, I stumbled across a cauliflower based recipe that I needed to try and give my honest opinion on: a cauliflower hash brown. As I am the queen of giving my readers my honest opinion so you don’t waste time making something that will make you want to gag, here goes my experiment to try and make a vegetable ~tasty~.

Now, this recipe asks for a pinch of cornstarch but I really couldn’t be bothered to go search for that nor buy it, and I don't have it just sitting in my pantry, so we’re going to skip that part and hope for the best! All you need is ½ a head of cauliflower (or 2 cups if you have riced cauliflower), 100g of shredded cheddar (or about 1 cup if you don’t have a scale), 1 large egg, some salt and pepper and I added a dash of garlic salt for a little more flavor. Mix all of the ingredients together until the egg has completely scrambled and then shape the mixture into patties. Heat up a pan on high and add some olive oil and simply place the patties onto the pan until they’re golden and crispy on each side - then enjoy! 

My take on the cauliflower hash browns (peep the turkey bacon in the back) : 

Paige Kokolakis

The best thing about making these cauliflower hash browns is that this recipe is extremely versatile. This base can be used to mimic avocado toast, mini pizzas, a sandwich, or just a hash as it is, but the opportunities to substitute the carbs out are endless. For my first try, I think the hashes were a solid 7/10. To be completely honest, I was a little confused when I first tried it because I was expecting it to take completely like a hash, but obviously that’s not the reality of the situation. Considering the health benefits of making these over normal hash browns, it really does the job and for next time I would definitely want to add different types of seasoning to give them more of a kick. This recipe was incredibly easy and is a great option for those who are trying to kick the carbs like me!