We all know the struggle of trying to find edible airport food. And when you visit Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport you’d think that you get some good food options. Chicago is the foodie capital of the Midwest, so there has to be something, right?

Recently, I’ve been traveling so much that O’Hare has become my second home. And after sampling each terminal’s best, I can assure you that these are indeed a handful of must-go places for every food-loving traveler in the airport.

Terminal 1: Tortas Frontera by Rick Bayless

O'Hare food

Photo courtesy of rickbayless.com

No one wants to pay $10 for a pathetic, bland, tasteless sandwich. And no Terminal 1 restaurant understands that more than Tortas Frontera. What’s awesome about this place is that it uses fresh, local ingredients to make their delicious tortas and salads. It’s much healthier and cleaner than some of the other options in the area. So next time you’re stuck in Terminal 1, make sure you give Tortas Frontera a try.

What To Get: Chipotle Chicken Torta

Terminal 2: Wicker Park Sushi Bar

O'Hare food

Photo courtesy of @rvatraveler on Instagram

Terminal 2 is a foodie’s worst nightmare. There’s not a lot of food options that don’t look and taste like boring airport food. Wicker Park Sushi Bar is the exception. Fresh sushi is probably far from your first pick at the airport, but trust me when I say that it’s the best option. The thing you have to remember about this place is that it’s before security. So make sure that you eat there, or get your food to-go because finding a post-security restaurant fit for a food lover is pretty bleak.

What To Get: Hot Night Roll, Spider Roll or Teishoku Umei

Terminal 3: Wolfgang Puck Express

O'Hare food

Photo courtesy of @vansventures on Instagram

There’s another Tortas Fronteras location in Terminal 3, but if you’re looking for something different, head to Wolfgang Puck Express. One of the best things about this place is that they have an amazing breakfast pizza. It’s perfect for people who love pizza for breakfast, but also really love breakfast food. For anyone looking for some lunch or dinner, you have got to try one of their made-to order pizzas.

What To Get: Italian Meat Pizza or Breakfast Pizza

Terminal 5: RJ Grunts

O'Hare food

Photo courtesy of RJ Grunts on Facebook

So you forgot to pick something up at Goddess and the Grocer before going through security. Well, if you’re sick of McDonald’s, you might want to check out RJ Grunts. Their airport location features some of their best burgers including the Gruntburger and Better Bacon Cheddar Burger. Not in the mood for a burger? Definitely go for the buffalo chicken fingers or chili cheese fries.

What To Get: Gruntburger