Yogurt soju is a very popular cocktail in Korea (as well as K-towns around North America). Chamisul Soju, Sprite, and Yakult come together to make what I feel is simply magic. After all, what's better than drinking down a couple of Yakult's and getting tipsy? To make things even better, this recipe only needs three ingredients and will fool you into thinking you're drinking juice.

The first time I had this drink was when I was out with friends at a Korean fried chicken restaurant (because what else is there in life?) and I was just going to grab watermelon juice (because I'm a child) when my friend slapped the menu out of my hands and ordered me this magical potion. 

Let me tell you folks, this stuff tastes like juice.  The sour, probiotic goodness cut through the grease so well due to the lemony notes and the carbonation. The Yakult came in to round out the flavour and add a depth of creaminess, and finally the Soju... The Soju will knock you out cold.

Here's The Recipe:

3 oz Chamisul Original Soju

3 oz Sprite

3 oz Yakult Probiotic Drink 

Yogurt soju

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Here is when you can either make or break the cocktail. Please repeat after me, get Chamisul Original. I mean, like how many times have you taken a sip of Chum Churum  and said "wow this actually tastes good?" None because people don't like the flavour of gasoline.  

Honestly though, Chamisul still tastes like gasoline, but just less so. To be honest here, the key here is that alcohol tastes bad, but we all hate our livers so it's okay. Also, don't even dare get Chamisul fresh. That s#@! is just the same thing with less alcohol, so it's essentially a lie. Alright, I know I'm being very harsh, but to give Chum Churum some credit, they make tons of fruity flavours that work extremely well in this drink. Why? Because the fruit cuts out the gasoline. 

To Make The Drink

Just mix the ingredients in some unholy way into the shadiest pitcher/bucket you own. Put in some ice and voilá, you're done. This drink is perfect, it is fresh enough to drink in the summer on a patio with friends. But it's also rich enough to drink in a mug all by yourself because it's 2:00 PM and it's already dark outside and you need some joy in your life because finals are coming.

But for real folks, please be safe when drinking! Even though this is only one drink, it honestly doesn't taste like alcohol at all so be wary. Remember to be safe and practice safe drinking habits. Have friends on speed dial, be around people you trust, and always drink Chamisul original. 

Repeat after me, Chamisul original. 

(PS: I'm not sponsored by Jinro, the parent company of Chamisul, but wink. Jinro please sponsor me).