We all know that breakfast is the most important meal and arguably the yummiest. Capitol Hill is infamous for its delicious restaurants and there are what seems like an infinite number of places to eat. Whether you're craving a hot coffee or a delicious full meal, these cafés and restaurants have you covered for the best breakfast spots in Capitol Hill, Seattle.

Lost Lake

Lost Lake is one of the best spots to eat breakfast because it has a fun atmosphere that makes you feel at home the second you walk in. Their breakfast menu has pretty much anything and everything you could want. Their Californian Benedict is possibly the best benedict I've had and their tater tots are to die for (you can also just order a pound by themselves). It is also open 24 hours a day so you can get the best breakfast in Capitol Hill whenever you're craving it. 

Oddfellows Cafe

Oddfellows might be the cutest and most aesthetically pleasing cafe ever. It is the perfect spot to breakfast at on any morning and they serve incredibly delicious food. Their homemade biscuit is especially yummy. The wait for weekend brunch can get lengthy but it is definitely worth it. There is also Little Oddfellows inside of Elliott Bay Company, the bookstore nextdoor, that is perfect if you want to sit down and enjoy a coffee and a snack while reading a new book or studying. Oddfellows is the best spot to go for classic breakfast foods that are made with love.

Sweet Iron Waffle

After walking by Sweet Iron, I knew I wanted to try it because of how cute and bright the restaurant is, and of course waffles are the best breakfast food. Sweet Iron has the best waffles in Capitol Hill and they have an incredible variety of both sweet and savory. I have tried a few different ones, and the prosciutto, crème fraiche, and green onions waffle is one of my absolute favorites. The Nutella waffle is a classic and is so delicious, its a must have when visiting Capitol Hill.


Skillet is the first restaurant I ate at in Seattle, while touring schools. The wait can be long at almost any time of the day but that's just a sign they have the best food, right? Their donut holes are the best donuts I've ever had; they are caky and not too sweet. (Side note: their salads are delicious). Their orange juice is also delicious. The food is the best comfort food you could want and anything you order is so yummy, you can't go wrong.


Stumptown coffee is famous in Seattle, and for a good reason. Their delicious coffee is the perfect pairing to any of their pastries. There are a variety of Stumptown locations in Seattle but the one on Capitol Hill is conveniently close to campus. It is also the perfect place to study. 

Seattle's endless number of restaurants can make it difficult to choose, but this list of the best breakfast spots in Capitol Hill will hopefully make your tough decision a little easier. Check out this article for ideas of where to eat throughout the rest of the day.