Instant Ramen is a dorm room essential, let me tell you. It's cheap, (somewhat) edible and easy to make. Some days, however, where microwavable noodles don't make the cut. For an authentic, affordable and addictive alternative, head to Furious Spoon, a Chicago-based ramen chain that dishes out some tasty ramen and other Asian fusion dishes. 

The Ambiance

Hannah Brown

The modern and fresh atmosphere makes for a unique environment. As you walk in, you'll find yourself surrounded by warm lights and sleek wooden decor. It's reminiscent of urban Chicago, where founder Chef Shin sought to bring Japanese ramen to. 

With a menu that features everything from handmade noodles to twists on traditional foods, it's clear Furious Spoon will become a college student's go-to place. 

The Mocktails

Hannah Brown

"Nuthin' But a Gin Thang" was a refreshingly tart drink with a bite towards the end of each sip. The vivid color of the drink was offset by the lime peel garnish, while the mint undertones complemented the floral notes of the hibiscus flavor. However, the bitter notes might be a little overwhelming for someone who likes sweeter drinks. 

Hannah Brown

In sharp contrast with the other cocktail, the "Shaolin Colada" sweetened things up. Think of that piña colada you have during spring break, but with no alcohol and fruitier undertones. It was sweetened with exotic lychee and natural honey to make for a rich, creamy drink.

After tasting two drinks, I was ready for the main event: the food. Aware (and ready) of the food coma that was about to come, I ordered the Lime Togarashi Edamame, Beef Brisket Rice Bowl, Chicken Shio Ramen Bowl and the Furious Ramen Bowl. Safe to say, I was excited.

Lime Togarashi Edamame 

Hannah Brown

creative spin on a staple Asian restaurant dish, the Lime Togarashi Edamame proved incredibly addictive. The lime brightened up the spicy togarashi, a type of Japanese chili pepper, that coated the soybean shells. The spicy chili peppers contained a smokey note that paired well with the umami of the edamame. 

Beef Brisket Rice Bowl

Hannah Brown

Hands down, my favorite dish was the Beef Brisket Rice Bowl. Although this is a ramen place, the brisket was so flavorful, moist and tender that it quickly became the star of the show. Though we got the appetizer-sized portion, I would've chowed down on the full-sized entree. 

Chicken Shio Ramen Bowl

Hannah Brown

Fish flakes and chicken don't sound very appetizing together, however, the Chicken Shio Ramen Bowl definitely proves otherwise. The saltiness of the fish flakes balances out the richness of the broth that creates an interesting bite each time. Plus, the chicken is super tender, so this bowl is the epitome of comfort food.

Furious Ramen Bowl

Hannah Brown

The Furious Ramen Bowl is what puts Furious Spoon on the map, and for good reason. This dish is packed with complexity and heat. When you crack open the yolk of the poached egg, it intermingles perfectly with earthy mushrooms, the perfectly-fatty (but not too fatty) pork belly, and spicy miso. 

Hungry now? Thought so. Skip Sargent and head to Furious Spoon's brand new storefront in the heart of downtown Evanston, just a few blocks away from the Arch. It's worth the trek.

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