Over Christmas break, my best friend and I decided to act like tourists in our own city, so we explored different places around Chicago's Westloop. Recommended by one of my favorite Instagram food bloggers, @chickpeainthecity, we decided to give Sawada Coffee a try!

When you first enter Sawada Coffee, you are greeted with colorful graffitied walls and a stunning chandelier that hangs right above the coffee shop's second entrance. As you walk through the shop, you can see guests hard at work, while they sip on their cozy, perfectly hand-crafted lattes. The smell of freshly made doughnuts and espresso fill the air, making you crave a taste of what Sawada Coffee has to offer. 

Whether you are a tourist or a Chicago local, here are the top 3 reasons why you should visit the coziest coffee spot in Chicago's Westloop:

1.) The Ambiance

Chiara Espero

The café was surprisingly charming despite its rugged and dark exterior. Sawada Coffee's industrial-style interior is what makes them the coziest coffee spot to do work. The string lights strung from the ceiling give the space a warm and calming atmosphere, while the large windows make it perfect for people-watching during the day. They also have unique decorations, like a Supreme boxing bag, an arcade game, and skateboards lined up against a wall. A spacious seating area and free WiFi is also provided for guests. 

 (Fun-Fact: the table pictured above is actually a ping-poll table!) 

Chiara Espero

2.) Award-Winning Latté Art 

Chiara Espero
Matcha Latté

Sawada Coffee's drinks are "insta-worthy" and taste just as good as they look.  The lattés are carefully crafted by Sawada Coffee's co-founder and world renown Japanese barista, Hiroshi Sawada. In 2008, he won the Free Pour Latté Art Championship and is the highest scoring latté art champion to date. 

In addition to their award-winning latté art, Sawada Coffee is known for their signature military latté, cortado, cappuccinos, and boozy steamers. Guests can choose from a variety of matcha drinks, espressos, teas, and coffee that is locally roasted from Chicago's Metropolis Coffee.

Military Latté 

Chiara Espero


3.) Delicious Doughnuts 

Chiara Espero

Buttermilk and Chocolate Doughnuts

There is nothing better than pairing a sweet treat with a warm and cozy latté on a cold Chicago afternoon (especially when it snows). The doughnuts are sourced from Sawada's sister company called Doughnut Vault.  Both the buttermilk and chocolate doughnuts were perfectly glazed, lightly crisped on the outside, and super soft on the inside. 

Chiara Espero

According to Sawada, the West Loop was appealing because it was “such a culturally rich, restaurant-oriented neighborhood that I just wanted to be a part of that culture.” 

Whether you are an avid coffee drinker, matcha-lover, or a tourist looking to find cozy spots around Chicago, Sawada Coffee is the perfect coffee spot to enjoy a delicious latte, read your favorite book, catch up with a friend, or get work done.

Location: Sawada Coffee, 112 N. Green St. Chicago, IL 60607

Open Everyday 8am-5pm

Website: sawadacoffee.com

Instagram: @sawadacoffee