So, you're thinking about getting a tattoo? Whether big or small, a tattoo is a huge (and permanent) commitment. Many people don't even think about the effect that a tattoo will have on their body, which is why eating the right food is so important the day of getting inked. 

Do: EAT!

Yes, the nerves are horrible before getting a tattoo. The night before literally feels like Christmas Eve and you’re way too excited to sleep, let alone eat. The thing is, your body is about to undergo mild trauma. With a tattoo adding stress to your body, you need to be prepared and go in having eaten a full meal.

Do: Drink Plenty of Water

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Caroline Liu

By keeping up your fluid levels, you avoid being dehydrated which is honestly not great for getting a tattoo. Tattoo artists confirm that drinking enough water gets the ink into your body a lot easier, so that’s always a plus

Do: Have Some Protein 

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Maggie Gorman

Don’t be afraid to go ham on the peanut butter. It’ll help raise your energy levels, which is great for what your body is about to go through.

Do: Consume Vitamin C

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Marlee Goldman

Before and after getting your tattoo, don’t forget to eat foods that contain Vitamin C like broccoli, citrus fruits, and kale. Vitamin C is known to assist in wound healing which will help you in the long run with your tattoo.

Don't: Consume Alcohol, Coffee, and Energy Drinks 

Not only is it unethical, but being tattooed while under the influence of alcohol causes your blood to thin out which is a big concern for both you and the tattoo artist. A rough night before will also leave alcohol in your system, so be aware of how much you consume.

Like alcohol, caffeine intake and energy drinks also thin out your blood. So, skip that morning cup of coffee the day you get your tattoo. 

Don't: Consume Dairy and Sugar  

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Phoebe Melnick

Both dairy and sugar are said to slow wound healing in the human body. I know it’s hard, but opt out on both to ensure a better start to the healing process.

While getting a tattoo seems intimidating at first, just eat a complete meal beforehand, get a good night’s sleep, and don’t drink your weight in wine the night before. Your tattoo artist will thank you and your healing period will end up being that much smoother.