Spoon University needs you, and you need it! Honestly though, SpoonU as the members like to call it, is a great place for anyone who just enjoys talking about food and life. 

So why should you join SpoonU at USFSP? 

The answer is simple, to get yourself out there. SpoonU is a great source for anyone within the Journalism, multimedia, and mass communication majors. Though lets not forget English majors because we need those editors too. SpoonU gives photographers, writers, and videographers a place to publish their work so that it can be seen by the masses.

However, you do not need to be in any of those majors to take part in SpoonU. All SpoonU really wants and needs is anyone that is passionate about food and life. Join SpoonU and work with other club members and build a community around food and lifestyle. If you enjoy searching for the perfect place to get a cup of coffee, or that sweet sweet yoga spot that everyone needs to know about, then SpoonU is the place for you.

We want to teach and share what our local community has to offer fellow students. 

Plus most importantly SpoonU is here to help us all succeed with our goals. They offer valuable training provided to grow your social media, writing, photography/videography, and even editing skills. All of which can be valuable in many future careers or just fun helpful life tips. 

The most important part to remember is that here at SpoonU and the USFSP chapter just want you to have fun. So Join us and enjoy seeing what's on your plate.