As I monotonously watched a bird documentary while eating dinner, an ad popped up. Right as I was about to click the skip ad button, a picture of a wonky tomato flashed before my eyes, stopping me in my tracks. This is how I was introduced to Misfits Market. Upon further research, I learned that it is a grocery subscription service with a mission to deliver organic and quality produce that might look a little different.

The Mission

Misfits Market's goal is to reduce food waste in the US by focusing on produce that doesn't fit the superficial standards of grocery stores today. This means all those imperfectly shaped carrots, pumpkins, and strawberries and slightly discolored pears, bananas, and bell peppers get a home. 

And while its selection of available products evolved and the company grew, Misfits Market’s commitment to sustainability and uncompromising quality via direct relationships with suppliers never changed. With these methods of straight sourcing, fewer resources are wasted in getting the groceries to the consumers. 

The Service

Photo by leonie wise on Unsplash

Unsplash on unsplash

After making a free account on the website, you get a three-day shopping window during which you can add all the groceries you want to your cart with a thirty-dollar minimum. You can also add and subtract any item in your cart within your shopping window, and in two to three days, your order will be shipped and delivered to your door.

Misfits Market delivers to zip codes in almost every state for a flat shipping fee. If you feel like you won't be needing its services for a particular week, you can skip that delivery. Or if you want to skip a couple months, you can pause orders completely until you are ready to rejoin. There is also an option to donate the food you might have otherwise gotten to people facing food insecurity.

If you're looking for a grocery delivery service, why not try one that sends sustainable, organic, and responsibly grown food. Check it out! Who knows—maybe Misfits Market will become your regular grocery provider.