The University of Montana Recreation Center offers a variety of fitness classes that can sometimes be hard to choose from. If you're anything like me and you're scared to step into the weight training room alone, try these group fitness classes to break a sweat, burn some calories and have fun.

#SpoonTip1: Stretch before and after each class. All of the gym instructors/trainers will motivate you to push harder but want you go at the speed you're comfortable with to prevent injury.

#SpoonTip2: The first week of each semester is the best time to try out these classes because they are all FREE!

Ab Lab

Dahlen Mitzalis

This free 25 minute class is designed to strengthen your core by having neutral spine with the planks, side planks crunches and much more. It fills up pretty fast so grab a friend and be there early to snag a good spot. You'll be sore the next day, but keep in mind that the more you go the stronger you'll get.

HIC- High Intensity Circuit

Be prepared to get sweaty. HIC, also known as high intensity interval training is a 45 minute cardio and strength workout to increase heart rate, boost metabolism, burn fat and gain muscle. The first time I tried this class, it honestly killed me. My legs were sore for a week but it motivated me to keep going and get stronger. Give it a try and if it's not for you, there are many more classes out there to break a sweat. HIC requires a punch card that you can buy at the front desk.

Functional Strength

Functional strength is a free 30 minute total body workout consisting dumbbell exercises to increase strength. What you'll  be doing in this class are a lot of squats, lunges, side lunges, bicep curls and other arm movements. If you're feeling extra motivated stick around for functional strength right after ab lab and make your 25 minute workout a 55 minute workout. It's only 4% of your day.

Pink Gloves Boxing (PGB)

#Time'sup right? Who said boxing was just for men? 2018 is a time for women to speak up and defend themselves from sexual assault and it's time that women learn self-defence skills and gain strength. UM offers a Pink Gloves Boxing class for powerful women to get fit, decrease stress, improve total-body strength and most importantly have fun. It's structured to shed fat, tighten core, tone arms, burn thighs and knock the stress out of the day. Payment required.


Cycling is an hour long workout focusing on endurance and strength. You'll burn a lot of calories, get pumped up with a great playlist and have more energy throughout the day and also get nice toned legs. Punch card required.


Looking for a break from high intensity workouts? Yoga is a mind-body practice to increase flexibility, build strength and reduce stress. Find your zen with this yoga class and don't worry if you're not flexible enough. It's all about breathing and taking one step at a time. Punch card required.

Check out UM's full Campus Recreation Fitness schedule here.