The everyday food resource for our generation

Spoon University is the everyday food resource for our generation, on a mission to make food make sense. On our site, you can find the simplest recipes, the most obvious hacks you can’t believe you didn’t know, and the best restaurants around campus that you haven’t found yet. For many of us, this is the first time we’re navigating our campuses or our kitchens on our own, and Spoon University is here to simplify and celebrate that.

Behind the scenes, we’re helping teach the next generation of journalists, marketers and event planners the best practices in digital media. We empower a network of thousands of contributors at hundreds of college campuses all over the world to write, photograph, create videos and throw events. Our program (called “Secret Sauce”) offers skills and training on how to be a leader, create incredible events and have your photos, videos and articles seen by millions. Our contributors get personalized analytics on what’s working and what’s not working, so they can learn and grow and launch into the real world ahead of the curve.

Get involved in this food movement by starting your own chapter on campus, joining an existing one or being a loyal fan. And hey, we’re also hiring, so you can make this thing your full-time job too.

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Mackenzie Barth

Mackenzie Barth

CEO, Cofounder Used to partake in the beige diet. Her Spanish improves when she's thrown back a few.
Sarah Adler

Sarah Adler

CTO, Cofounder Lived in a Buddhist monastery in India, was a debutante in a past life.
Matt Lovan

Matt Lovan

Director of Engineering JS, Node. All about that data model. Doesn't believe in volcanoes.
Rachel Williamson

Rachel Williamson

Managing Editor Used to drive a Ford-150 in rural Illinois. Loves mac and cheese.
Samantha Dilling

Samantha Dilling

Community Editor Considers brunch a religious experience. Aspires to marry Drake.
Andrea Kravitz

Andrea Kravitz

Community Engagement Manager Aka AK or "the other Andrea," has a love/hate relationship with tequila, once got her head stuck in a fence.
David Chester

David Chester

Video Production Manager Firm believer that more foods should be in dumpling form. Sooner or later will get Oxford to include the word foodventure.
Nichol Alexander

Nichol Alexander

Full Stack Engineer Playwright in a past life. Loves robots, space, cooking, and Rum Punch. Definitely does not love squirrels.
Emily Pope

Emily Pope

Audience Development & Partnerships Manager Recovering Seamless addict. Has been known to eat mac and cheese out of the pan, but becoming more open to plates.
Andy Kang

Andy Kang

Community Operations Manager Technically Canadian. Known to spontaneously cook solo three course meals. Thinks french fries should always be eaten with mayo.
Claire Waggoner

Claire Waggoner

Associate Editor Is crazy addicted to ice cream. Thinks everyone should own at least one cat.
Jensen Rong

Jensen Rong

Video Editor Always in Our Hearts
Shelby Bank

Shelby Bank

Social Media Editor Whales.
Andrew Edwards

Andrew Edwards

Front End Engineer A 5-star Chef in parallel universe.
Caroline O'Toole

Caroline O'Toole

Graphic & UI/UX Designer Designer by day, WNBF bodybuilder and powerlifter by night. Fueled by peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Lauren Magenta

Lauren Magenta

Senior Video Content Strategist Wannabe Martha Stewart whose dream world is filled with doughnuts & kale ceaser salads. Favorite color is Magenta.
Matthieu Silberstein

Matthieu Silberstein

Director of Video Production To Inspire: to bring oxygen to the heart
Marina Nazario

Marina Nazario

Editor Unusually fast eater. Hot dog connoisseur.

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