Walking through the front door is like stepping into the 1970’s. From the old-fashioned menu with removable letters and the reflective tile wall to the red, yellow and orange outlined nameplate, Edzo’s Burger Shop has mastered the retro feel. The relaxed and welcoming environment certainly attracts customers, but the homemade comfort food is Edzo’s real selling point–and they have lines out the door to prove it. Overall, Edzo’s is a traditional diner with a few modern twists. Where else can you order a freshly ground burger, a Nutella milkshake or a Peanut Butter and Bacon sandwich?

Photo by Alia Wilhelm


In today’s world of mass-produced, fast food burgers, a homemade patty is a real treat. Edzo’s owner, Eddie Lakin, grinds his burgers fresh every day. This way, each burger has an original, non-circular shape. Not only this, but you can also customize your burger. Choose the quality of meat and a grilled or griddled cooking style. Each burger style is served on a different type of bun: griddled burgers get a soft roll while grilled burgers have the traditional hamburger bun. Edzo’s wants to make sure their customers get the most out of their burger experience and ensure that nothing stands in the way of a hungry customer enjoying a big, juicy burger. By customizing each order to the customer’s specific needs, Edzo’s does just that.


Photo by Alia Wilhelm

It’s everyone’s favorite spread; it tastes like chocolate but has almost half the fat! But have you ever tried Nutella in a milkshake? Edzo’s puts a modern spin on the classic milkshake by incorporating high-end ingredients like Marcona almonds and Nutella. The result is a milkshake to die for. Edzo’s uses an old fashioned spindle that blends the milkshakes much slower than modern mixers. The old fashioned mixer whips less air into the bowl, which actually makes the milkshake creamier. This shake is a perfect swirl of hazelnut, chocolate flavoring and ice cream. It’s velvety and tasty enough to please any die-hard milkshake fan. We promise, just one sip and you’ll be instantly hooked.


For all you non-burger eaters, Edzo’s has plenty of other options! Edzo’s serves 9 different styles of fries and numerous sandwich options, including an inside-out grilled cheese.  But Edzo’s most famous sandwich is Eddie Lakin’s own childhood creation–the peanut butter & bacon sandwich. To make this tasty concoction, Lakin smears peanut butter on a pancake, piles it high with bacon and folds the pancake in half. The PB & B, as it’s informally known, mixes homemade comfort food with the expertise of a restaurant. It’s absolutely delicious and you won’t find anything like it at any other “traditional” diner.