So it’s Friday night again, and maybe you want to class the evening up, or maybe you just don’t get the fuss over rum and Coke. In any case, say hello to Mixologist and goodbye to your go-to mixed drink.


Mixologist is an app that costs $.99 for iPhones or Androids and comes with over a dozen handy features as well as thousands of recipes. New to town? Mixologist quickly compiles a list and a map of nearby liquor stores and bars at the touch of a finger. Don’t know the difference between liqueur and liquor? Mixologist’s “Bartending Guide,” a comprehensive appendix of everything alcohol, has you covered. And for anyone feeling indecisive, Mixologist even has a “Mix It Up” feature that presents a random drink when you shake the phone.

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But fun tricks aside, Mixologist is the best drinking app on the market for one reason: a seemingly endless inventory of drink recipes and ratings. Newbies to the world of drinking can select from Mixologist’s constantly updated “Top Rated” list which ranges from classic (e.g Gin and Tonic) to avant-garde. Anyone care for a Buttery Nipple?

More sophisticated drinkers can search for drinks by ingredient. For example, those tired of Screwdrivers but still looking for a tangy kick will find hundreds of orange juice-based recipes. Mixologist also organizes drinks by category (e.g. classics, cocktails, hot drinks… jello shots), so that users can always find a recipe tailored to their personal preference.

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At the end of the day (perhaps “beginning of the night” is more apt) Mixologist is handy, fun, and cheap. Whether you’re hoping to become a more knowledgable drinker or to simply bring variety to your pre-game, let Mixologist be the bartender.