For most of us, the best food we consume in a day is not on our plates, but on our screens. Food-themed Instagram accounts (or what some call foodstagrams) regularly fill the platform with beautiful images of cakes, vegan treats, smoothie bowls and more. Given the wide array of content, there seems to be a food account for every type of foodie, anywhere from desserts to drinks to plant-based delicacies. 

Plant-Based & Vegan

1. Cherie Tu (aka Thriving on Plants)

Instagram: thrivingonplants

Why you should follow: Filled with colorful "nourish bowls" and refrigerators overflowing with produce, Tu's Instagram is a perfect source of inspiration for plant-based recipes. 

2. Rainbow Plant Life

Instagram: rainbowplantlife

Why you should follow: Nisha, the creative genius behind Rainbow Plant Life, is a Harvard alum and lawyer turned blogger. Her Instagram is filled with vegan comfort food, ranging anywhere from creamy mac and cheese to warm carrot soup. 

3. Marie Dorfschmidt (aka The Rawberry)

Instagram: therawberry

Why you should follow: What makes Marie's Instagram unique is her dark and rustic theme, showcasing her unique take on food photography. Focused mainly on vegan desserts, one of her most popular recipes is for vegan cheesecake. 

Local to Minneapolis

1. Foodieapolis

Instagram: foodieapolis

Why you should follow: Foodieapolis is perfect for anyone looking for the next restaurant they should try in Minneapolis. Bonus: it is all follower content, so there's a wide variety of posts. 

2. Eat.Drink.Dish

Instagram: eatdrinkdishmpls

Why you should follow: Similar to Foodieapolis, Eat Drink Dish reposts user content for more great Twin Cities eats. 

3. Mindylish

Instagram: mindylish

Why you should follow: Mindylish posts from a wide variety of local restaurants and events, including the Minnesota State Fair and Asian Night Market. Plus, her colorful account showcases classics like burgers and pizza, as well as trendy foods like rolled ice cream. 

Desserts & Baking

1. Salma Sabdia (aka The Polka Dotter)

Instagram: thepolkadotter

Why you should follow: What's better than beautiful cakes, cookies, and cupcakes? The Polka Dotter also features eye-catching snapshots of baking action (think icing being poured on a cake or cookies being dusted with powdered sugar). 

2. Bea Lubas

Instagram: bealubas

Why you should follow: Rustic cakes and intricate pies are this baker's specialty. Posts include lots of classic desserts like fresh fruit tarts, as well as the occasional waffle or two. 

3. Sarah Fennel (aka Broma Bakery)

Instagram: bromabakery

Why you should follow: In case you need proof that this baker's photos are gorgeous, Sarah Fennel started Foodtography School, an online school that teaches users how to take professional-quality food pictures. Plus, her account is filled with gorgeous cookies, cinnamon rolls, and even homemade pop tarts.


1. Foody Fetish

Instagram: foodyfetish

Why you should follow: Up close videos of chocolate, pizza, and all the indulgent food you can think of. It's as simple as that. 

2. Buzzfeed Tasty

Instagram: buzzfeedtasty

Why you should follow: Although many people have already heard of Buzzfeed Tasty, it is worth it to mention for those of you who have been missing out on Tasty's mesmerizing food tutorials and reviews. 


1. New York Times Cooking

Instagram: nytcooking

Why you should follow: This account is perfect for anyone looking for holiday inspiration: from pristine Christmas cookies to these delicious looking latkes for Hanukkah, NYT Cooking has you covered.

2. Food52

Instagram: food52

Why you should follow: Even when they're not posting decadent holiday cookies or pumpkin pie, Food52 will fill your feed with gorgeous plates that appeal to all types of food lovers. 

Spoon University Members

1. Morgan Pence (University of Minnesota)

Instagram: mofood4morgan

Why you should follow: For students looking for places to eat on and around campus, what better way than to follow another student? Originally from Wisconsin, Morgan's feed is now filled with delicious plates from the Twin Cities. 

2. Lauren Pahmeier (University of Minnesota)

Instagram: _whatsforsupper_

Why you should follow: Similar to Morgan, Lauren features Twin Cities staples like Glam Doll Donuts and State Fair cheese curds. Lauren has also posted reviews of the food and drink she tried abroad in Europe- think sangria, gnocchi, and gelato. 


1. Chef Andrew McCrea

Instagram: chefandrewmccrea

Why you should follow: Something you might not have known you needed in your life? Minimalist plating. This Australian chef specializes in creating incredibly simplistic yet artistic plates that are sure to impress. 

2. The Margarita Mum

Instagram: the_margarita_mum

Why you should follow: On a mission "to find the world's best margarita", The Margarita Mum creates beautiful cocktails that are a step up from your basic gin and tonic. For those who don't drink, plenty of mocktail recipes are also featured. 

From plant-based to cocktails, Instagram has no shortage of content creators. When looking for a recipe or simply some culinary inspiration, the wide variety of specialties ensures that there truly is a foodstagram for everyone.