It’s day who-knows-what of quarantine and by now I’m sure your breakfasts have gotten pretty monotonous. Sadly, one of my favorite things to do is going out to eat (especially breakfast) and that isn’t really feasible at the moment. I don't know about you but there's nothing better than freshly made poached eggs with hollandaise sauce from my favorite diner but that isn't very easy to make at home. Sometimes it seems as if you either have to slave over a complicated, multi-step recipe or settle for something boring. To me a balanced breakfast consists of some sort of egg, meat (or vegan alternative), and fruit but your basic scrambled eggs, bacon, and orange can get boring really quick especially during quarantine. If you’re trying to create a balanced breakfast at home or reminiscing on fond memories of sitting beside your friends at a fancy cafe, don't fret! Here are three simple ways for you to spice up your morning meal: 

Tip #1: Add ricotta to your scrambled eggs. 

My all time favorite way to have eggs at home is scrambled with a dollop of ricotta cheese. The ricotta adds a rich creaminess to the eggs as well as a subtle cheesy flavor. It's also an easier alternative to flipping your eggs! The recipe is simple: cook up some scrambled eggs as you normally would and when they are finished cooking add a spoonful, or two, of ricotta and mix it up. This can also be a saving grace for scrambled eggs you may have cooked a little too long.

Tip #2: Sprinkle brown sugar on your bacon before you cook it. 

The second tip I have for you is a sweet twist on bacon. Adding a little bit of brown sugar on top of your bacon when you cook it in the microwave or oven is the perfect way to give a new flavor to your favorite breakfast protein. The brown sugar complements the saltiness of the bacon perfectly and adds a nice crunch. And if you’re still cooking your bacon on the stove try doing it in the microwave to avoid getting burned by flying grease.

Tip #3: Add some sweetness to your grapefruit with honey or maple syrup. 

My final tip for spicing up your quarantine breakfast involves grapefruit. If grapefruits aren’t already in your breakfast cycle, I highly suggest adding them. Grapefruits are high in antioxidants, loaded with vitamin C, and have been proven to help lower cholesterol and improve heart health. Drizzling some honey on your grapefruit will help counteract some of the natural sourness of the citrus. If you are a true Vermonter though, you might consider adding maple syrup instead to give your grapefruit some added sweetness.

Having all three of these foods for breakfast will be a great start to your day. The tips with eggs and bacon can easily be swapped out for vegan/vegetarian alternatives. Another great thing about these add-ins is that you most likely have the ingredients at home to make these creative meals.

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