If you've never been to Oxford Street, you'll probably think I'm exaggerating when I say this, but walking down this street is like waiting in line with the hoards of people in front of Walmart at midnight on Black Friday every day of the year. Every. Day. But yet, we still go here! After a Christmas shopping spree here you will require the three C’s: caffeine, cake, and comfort.

beer, coffee
Heather-Jade Stanley

Enter St. Christopher’s Place: a courtyard hidden down a small alleyway behind Oxford Street. It's hard to believe that it's just a few meters away from the craziness.

St. Christopher's place is between Selfridges and Bond Street station, down a beautiful alleyway. It's the closest I've ever been to going to Narnia. A big purple sign with a clock is situated on Oxford Street pointing where to go. Not going to lie, it's incredibly enchanting and has definitely been featured on my Insta more than once. 

coffee, cappuccino, milk, espresso, cream
Heather-Jade Stanley
I smelled Workshop Coffee before I saw it. I was a girl drawn to coffee and cake like a duck is drawn to water. Like a zombie, I subconsciously strolled in and ordered myself a cappuccino and a brownie bite, the smaller option is all you need since brownies can be so rich and decadent.   
coffee, chocolate, sweet
Heather-Jade Stanley

The place is fitted out with long wooden boxes to sit on and has little cactuses in pots (what an aesthetic). Simple, clean, and basic. After dodging oblivious tourists on Oxford St., this is the perfect destination for a chocolate fix. Supporting independent retailers is also a good deed, so having a treat here is basically giving back to your community, right?

coffee, beer, wine, tea
Heather-Jade Stanley

The staff at Workshop are super friendly and didn't judge me when I went back for a second brownie bite. Okay, a third. I definitely recommend taking yourself away from the madness of Oxford Street and heading to Workshop Coffee for a caffeine hit and a brownie bite or three.