NYC's The PokéSpot is just one of many fast-casual poké restaurants popping up all throughout the Mainland. Showcasing the Hawaiian culinary tradition of raw fish, rice, and toppings, poke is quickly becoming the biggest trend to hit insta-worthy health food since the Açaí bowl. While there are many places to go to feed your poke cravings, The PokéSpot is my personal favorite. Here's why.

Totally Customizable

Designed just like Pinkberry in a pick-as-you-go topping bar (awesome), The PokéSpot offers you the choice of a base for the bowl, either rice, zucchini noodles, or salad and then a multitude of proteins and mix-ins. The options are practically endless.  Beyond the aesthetically pleasing colors, poke offers a delicious clean way of eating.

For one, you know exactly what is going into what you're eating. The bases of brown rice and zucchini noodles offer a fresh range of carbs and protein. The meat and fish options are all low-fat and high-protein, and the mix-ins offer all types of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

What else?

Not only are these bowls totally insta-worthy, but they're also a step in the right direction for clean and sustainable eating

Next time you're in NYC's Union Square, be sure to pop in to The PokéSpot and try it out for yourself. If you can't make the trek there, try this DIY version for an at-home treat. I promise, you won't regret it.