If you’re anything like my neighbors who have been blasting holiday music since November, you skipped Thanksgiving and went straight to the December holiday season. And if this is the case, what’s a better way of getting into the holiday spirit than by exploring all of the limited edition holiday treats that are popping up around Ann Arbor? From local favorites like Blank Slate to popular chains like Starbucks, this article has got you covered on the endless holiday desserts you need to get your hands on ASAP. 


If you're a fan of hot chocolate and the holidays, look no further than the Peppermint Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. It has the perfect balance of mint and chocolate and it's also very rich. Pair it with the Gingerbread Loaf for a super seasonal combo. The Gingerbread Loaf has both spice and sweetness, making me nostalgic for past holidays filled with gingerbread house competitions. 

Blank Slate

Lauren Greenspan

Although it is a farther walk from the dorms than other ice cream shops, Blank Slate is always well worth the trip. Aside from their usual delicious flavors, their holiday flavors are even better. I ordered two scoops of ice cream— one of which was their holiday flavor Peppermint Bark— while my friend ordered the Gingerbread so that we could each try the new additions to the menu.

Sophie Mohindra-Green

I was a little disappointed by the Peppermint Bark as it was hard to get a consistent flavor out of it. I kept tasting either chocolate or peppermint, but the mix of the two was not as good as I had envisioned. The ice cream itself was very creamy and I enjoyed the little pieces of peppermint thrown into the ice cream, giving it a nice crunch. The Gingerbread flavor was definitely the better one of the two. It was very rich and flavorful, with soft chunks of gingerbread mixed in as a pleasant surprise. If you ever wondered how the holiday season would taste in a cone, the Gingerbread ice cream is all that and more.

Cupcake Station

Lauren Greenspan

My last stop to taste the holiday cheer was Cupcake Station on East Liberty Street. Here, I picked from their eight December flavors, including the two I chose above: Candy Cane and Winter Mint. Both respectively lived up to their titles; the candy cane one tasted just like candy canes while the other reminded me of thin mint cookies. I liked how they incorporated extra toppings to really bring home the flavor, particularly the crushed up bits of candy cane and the mint Oreo. I'd say these cupcakes won the competition for best preparing me for the holiday season!

Not the biggest sweets fan? Luckily for you, you can still get into the holiday spirit by checking out these super fun holiday themed jello shots.