Are you a donut kind of person? Well, if you live up and down the East Coast or in any of the following states, then you're one lucky eater. With 54 locations, Duck Donuts is a donut extraordinaire and takes your average donut to a whole new level of greatness.

Duck Donuts bakes, frosts, drizzles, and sprinkles your donuts right in front of you. They come out warm, fresh, and delicious every time. While watching this all happen can make your donut experience extra special, it can also make the process extra overwhelming.

With 11 frosting choices, 7 topping selections, 4 drizzle options, and a holiday special, you can easily feel frazzled by the endless opportunities.

So, with that, how do you ensure you get the best donut experience? While you really can't go wrong with any of these choices, take a look below to discover your best options based on both your tastebud preferences and your personality:

1. Chocolate Frosted with Peanuts & Coconut

candy, sweet, cream, cake, chocolate
Lexi Bralver

Peanuts and coconut... Natural ingredients, right? You're typically a health enthusiast who has decided to have a cheat day. Even the healthiest of people need some chocolate in their life, and there is no better way to celebrate your day off than with a freshly made donut.

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2. Maple Glazed with Bacon

chocolate, doughnut
Collette Block

Talk about sweet and savory. This is one of Duck Donuts staples that brings you back to your childhood Saturday morning breakfasts at home. As a lover of this sweet and salty combination, you're not apprehensive about the mixture of meat and frosting at all, in fact you're elated to give your taste buds an adventure.

3. Glazed

cookie, chocolate, candy, cake, pastry, sweet, doughnut
Collette Block

You're straight to the point. People could recommend their favorite choice but let's face it, in one ear out the other, am I right? You know exactly what you want at Duck Donuts and in life. That's called driven.

Can't make it out of the house to grab your donut? Make your own glazed donuts at home with this pumpkin donut recipe.

4. Strawberry Frosted

goody, sprinkles, pastry, cream, candy, doughnut, cake, sweet, chocolate
Collette Block

You stick to the classics (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry), but crave a little flavor-flav. This strawberry frosted donut screams spunky yet classy, just like you. Everything about this donut says you're a real sweetheart, and, not to mention, look how cute it is...

Men: remember, only real men wear pink.    

5. Cinnamon Sugar with Vanilla Drizzle

goody, gingerbread, cinnamon, candy, cookie, cake, pastry, chocolate, sweet
Collette Block

Alright, so you're a little bit indecisive. You can't decide if you want to keep it simple or if you want something exciting happenin' in your life, so you go for both. 

If you're from Connecticut or New York, you've probably spent some of your childhood at the legendary supermarket Stew Leonard's. This donut will bring you straight back to getting frozen yogurt, looking at chickens, and the "Chiquita Banana" song because we all know #chiquitasaredelicious.

6. Cinnamon Sugar with Hot Fudge Drizzle

butter, peanut butter, peanut, cream, chocolate
Collette Block

Do you go for that extra spoonful of chocolate ice cream? If so, then this is the donut for you. With warm and gooey chocolate drizzled over top of this cinnamon sugar donut, what's not to love?

If you came to have the classic mouthwatering, stomach, soul-warming experience, then, trust me, you will definitely not be disappointed with Duck Donut's take on decadent classic.

7. Blueberry Frosted

sweet, blueberry, cake, chocolate, cream
Collette Block

If you are a blueberry frosted kind of person, you're not afraid to try something new. You like your donuts like you like your music: you don't settle for pop hits, instead, you search for something a little less mainstream and a little more unique, just like this donut.

Some people are leaders and some are followers... You're a leader, and we think this donut will be all the rage before you know it.

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8. Peanut Butter Frosting

caramel, cream, chocolate
Collette Block

Let's be honset, if you go for this donut, you're someone who most likely knows how to have a good time. Can't spell peanut without the nut, and we never trust someone who doesn't love peanut butter...

With a warm creamy layer of peanut butter frosting, your taste buds will be having their own party, and you will be full up and ready for a good time. 

9. Lemon Frosting with Powdered Sugar

cake, pastry, sweet, chocolate
Collette Block

Like this donut, you're a little sassy. No shame, everyone needs some of that in their life. But, like you, this sour burst is sprinkled with some sweet powdered sugar.

In addition, you're trendy AF, keeping up with today's lemon-everything trend. Whether infused in your water, lightening your hair, or melting on top of your donut, lemon is definitely your jam.

 Can I have some lemon with that, please?

10. Holiday Special

chocolate, cake
Collette Block

Change doesn't bother you: in fact, it excites you. The holiday special means something new and unique is right at your fingertips, and nothing beats that. You're willing to try anything and everything, just like this constantly changing Duck Donuts must-try.

#SpoonTip: If you really can't decide what to order, go for the holiday special. It promises a tasty treat and surely a good story, and perhaps an even better photo opportunity...

So, what now?

If you don't see you're go-to Duck Donut on this list, never fear, you are just even more unique. With that, don't be afraid to go outside these boundaries. For all you know, by trying one of these endless donut options, you could completely alter both your tastebuds and your personality.

From your classic glazed to fruity frostings and everything in between, Duck Donuts offers endless possibilities when it comes to the perfect donut. So, do-nut fear, the perfect donut is always within reach.