It’s no secret that the dining experience in theme parks around the world is beloved — from snacking around the world in Epcot to sipping on Butter Beer at Universal. With the recent announcement of Super Nintendo World, a Nintendo-centered theme park inside of Hollywood's Universal Studios, one of the major questions surrounding the park, aside from its rides, of course, has been that of food. Nintendo fans are curious: How will the park include nods to Nintendo in the drinks, meals, and snacks? and will it be as good as the original Super Nintendo Park opened by Universal in Japan?

Here are the details that have been released so far. Super Nintendo World will feature just one main food stop, the Toadstool Cafe, paying homage to one of Nintendo's most adored characters, toad. Guests will be able to sit down for a small menu of meals designed to wow visitors, hoping to match the prestige of its surrounding parks’ chow.

At the Cafe, the park’s only true restaurant, guests will be able to enjoy a meal cooked specially by Chef Toad inside of his own humble toadstool, with many of the menu items featuring, of course, mushrooms, including the Mario Burger with American cheese, a mustache-motif bun, and mushrooms. In homage to his brother, the Cafe also offers a Luigi burger, a grilled chicken and pesto burger, along with Fire Flower Spaghetti and Meatballs.

For those looking for healthier options, the menu offers two different salads. Yoshi's Favorite Fruit and Veggie Salad is a varied mix, including strawberries, starfruit, radishes, and of course, mushrooms, as well as Yoshi egg-shaped croutons. The Super Star Chicken Salad has a bed of lettuce topped with grilled chicken, tomatoes, and a creamy mushroom dressing.

The menu does boast a few items that mirror its Japanese counterpart's menu, such as the Piranha Plant Caprese and the ? Block Tiramisu (yes, with a question mark). This mystery block dessert bears a perfect resemblance to those of the Nintendo games.

However, Nintendo fans have not been as pleased with Super Nintendo World's American venture, as it has been dubbed the "Downgrade of the Century." While Japan offers three food stops — Kinopio's Cafe, Pit Stop Popcorn, and Yoshi's Snack Island — the United States offers a just the one, with a smaller menu. There is also a notable difference in the apparent quality and impressiveness of the food items, most evidently in the Princess Peach Cake, which went from a fruity and elegant cake to a hot pink, minimalist style cupcake.

If you’re searching for a menu filled with nostalgia and fun, be sure to check out Super Nintendo World, opening on Feb. 17, 2023 — especially if you like mushrooms.