We’ve all made the famous trip to Zingerman’s Deli. If you haven’t, go now. I’ll wait.

Back yet?

Zingerman’s sandwiches are a staple of Ann Arbor, but with an overwhelming amount of things on the menu, it’s easy to latch on to a favorite. Here’s where the “Tour de Zing” crew comes in. “TdZ” is composed of 9 senior girls (find their bios here) who have taken on the challenge of trying every sandwich on the menu.

“We were sick and tired of getting the same two sandwiches and we wanted to break out of our comfort zone,” the girls explained in an email interview. “Plus, we thought it would be pretty cool to say we were actual “experts” at navigating the menu.”

So #TourDeZing decided to trek into the land of unchartered breads and dressings, and attempt the impossible of conquering all of Zingerman’s. They set some ground rules, known as Thy Ten Commandments of Zingerman’s and off they went to blog their way to glory, accumulating one hungry fan base in the process. The girls hope that “…people actually listen to our recommendations and go out and see for themselves how much Zingerman’s has to offer beyond the obvious choices.”

Now let’s get to the good stuff: food porn. TourDeZing has found some amazing hidden gems:

  • While hesitant to approach the pork section, the 00 D-$’s Cuban Conundrum (pulled pork, peppered ham, the works) was one of the most surprising hits among the group.
  • Thad’s “Yes I Can!” is considered by the girls to be the greatest chicken sandwich in town. The roasted red pepper spread is unanimously considered the best dressing of all time.

These girls have made a serious dent in their check list, and it’s only November. But, there will be no stopping these sandwich-lovers once that list is through.  “Our next challenge on Tour de Zing will be the breakfast menu,” they assure me. “We also plan to feature gelato, baked goods and side dishes throughout the rest of the year!”

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As the girls of TdZ wisely say: “Clear eyes, full stomachs, can’t lose.”