We may have tons of new, trendy breakfast foods now, but  nothing beats a classic stack of pancakes. Amidst the diners you only care to visit late at night and the maze of NYC restaurants, it can be a challenge to discern what's worth really trying. Next time you’re stuck searching for breakfast in the city with a severe craving, make sure to check out some of these best pancakes NYC dwellers love.

1. Café Select

This Swiss spot serves up some mean muesli pancakes. This style gives them a great crunchy top from the oats. You can drench them in some vanilla butter, fresh syrup, and berries.

2. Clinton Street Baking Co.

Clinton Street Baking Co. is home to one of the best blueberry pancakes you will ever get to taste. They're so good that they are served all throughout the day, right into dinnertime. Make sure to drop by in February, the month of pancakes, when they have a new flavor every day

3. Café Luluc

Most famous for their mouth-watering pancakes, Cafe Luluc serves this breakfast food heavily decadent, perfectly fluffy and rounded. It's almost like eating dessert in the morning (just remember to bring a wad of bills — this place is cash only).

4. Shopsin's

Shopsin's has such a huge variety of flavors that it's difficult to choose. Aside from the 'slutty stuffed' s'mores pancakes that will make you dream rivers of chocolate, they have a mac and cheese variant, almond joy, and pumpkin fluff. 

5. Sun In Bloom

Just cause you can't slather your breakfast in butter doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to join in on the fun. Sun in Bloom offers vegan, gluten-free pancakes along with piles of fresh fruit. There's something out there for everyone. 

6. Bubby's

Bubby's sourdough pancakes are perfect for those who like it short, sweet, and simple. No matter what kind you get, you're guaranteed the best breakfast. 

7. Le Coucou 

This pancake encompasses the principle of boujee itself in the most delicious way. A single, glorious pancake baked to perfection in your own personal dish, topped unconventionally (opposed to the fruit being baked inside) with seasonal fruits, is presented by Le Coucou. It's the perfect way to treat yourself if you're a foodie. 

8. Veselka

These may not be what you would immediately think of upon hearing the word 'pancakes', but they're just as delicious. These pass the test of Eastern European authenticity. Served with sour cheese and apple sauce, the potato pancakes at Veselka are a savory version perfect for dinner.

9. Little Park

Sometimes, you want the benefit of knowing what you're eating is healthy in the back of your mind, even though your taste buds tell a different story. The coconut spelt pancakes, made with coconut and spelt flours, with vanilla butter and apple cider syrup, do just that. 

10. Five Leaves

Every time I get to taste this brunch at this restaurant, I feel like I'm biting into my version of heaven. Basically, a banana split stuffed with fruits, honeycomb butter, and maple syrup, tops the best ricotta pancakes ever. 

11. The Stanton Social 

This ladder of Oreo pancakes sandwiched between Oreo cream filling will make you dream of rivers of chocolate. The Stanton Social's other stacks, such as caramelized banana, are so tall that they practically reach the ceiling. 

Now you can dig into all the best pancakes NYC hides. While you're at it, checking out the second-best course of the day isn't such a bad idea either. Happy eats!