Ahhhh avocados. The fresh green fruit (yes, avocados are fruit!) that is both trendy and healthy. Data has shown that there has been an increase every year for America's appetite for the creamy versatile fruit. According to data from the Hass Avocado Board, the past fifteen years show that avocados have been growing in kitchens and menus across the country. Basically, America has fallen in love with avocados. What was once a rare delicacy enjoyed only by west coasters during certain seasons has now become the mainstream fruit. Avocados have been the recent popular craze everyone wants, and for good reason.

Health Benefits

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Rebecca Holstein

It is no secret that avocados taste delicious, but they also boast enormous health benefits. By incorporating avocados into your diet, you’re adding a naturally nutrient-dense food. Avocados contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals! It's also the only fruit that has plenty of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). Don't let the word 'fat' scare you - monounsaturated fats can help reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood which can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. 

Avocados also help with improved heart health, lower risk for metabolic syndrome, healthier skin, hair, and eyes, cancer prevention, better digestive health, and hormonal balance/cognitive function. It's no surprise that avocados are listed as a top superfood. Click HERE to read this article with detailed descriptions of all the health benefits and nutrients gained from avocados.

Columbus Restaurants to Satisfy Those Cravings

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Julia Portnoff

Columbus is home to some of the best restaurants in the country that are guaranteed to satisfy your craving for a good avocado. I have hand selected places only with the freshest avocado. These places will give you creative ideas on how to incorporate avocados into every meal, whether it's guacamole, avocado toast, in a sandwich, burger, salad, or any other avocado related food. Be sure to check these places out!

1. Chopped Salad from Northstar

Take a shopping break in Easton with this delicious chopped salad from Northstar Café. Avocados are the perfect way to spice up your salad with a smooth, creamy, and nutrient packed fruit. The salad contains applewood smoked turkey, bacon, avocado, blue cheese, almonds, and apples with a light café vinaigrette sauce. This is the perfect salad for an energy boost between shops in Easton Town Center.

2. Sushi from Sushi 10

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Caroline Ingalls

Located in the heart of Kenny Centre, this place not only has the freshest ingredients but also has great prices. By adding avocado to your favorite sushi roll, it gives it a fresher feel and pairs great with seafood. Sushi 10 has an authentic ambience and delicious sushi options to make your mouth water. Ordering the Rainbow Roll, Tuna Sunset (heads up, this one is spicy) or the Crunch Philly Roll (a personal favorite) will not only satisfy your avocado craving, but also your sushi cravings. 

3. Guacamole from Cantina Laredo

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Jocelyn Hsu

If you're in need of a home-cooked authentic Mexican meal then stop by Polaris for the best guac in town. The restaurant Cantina Laredo has mastered the perfect ratio of jalapeño, tomato, red onion, cilantro, lime juice, and the delectable Haas avocados. Cantina Laredo's tortilla style chips and guacamole are freshly made every morning. On top of that, it's a fun atmosphere to bring some amigos and pair the guac with the deliciously made margaritas. Check out the full menu here!

4. Avocado Burger from Bareburger

Avocado in a burger?! You have guac to be kidding me. For all the foodies and health nuts, head over to Short North for the answer to your problem with greasy processed burgers. Bareburger prides itself on only using organic and all natural ingredients. They have a wide variety of options with plenty of vegan and vegetarian choices as well.

5. Chicken and Avocado Sandwich from Northstar

What's better than chicken and avocado together perfectly wrapped in a fluffy thick bun? Not much. Northstar in Easton wins again with the chicken avocado sandwich! This is my go to lunch sandwich whenever I am in Columbus. I also recommend the guacamole here - it is fantastic

6. Egg Avocado Toast from Red Velvet Cafe

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Amanda Shulman

This cozy little cafe on Fourth Street in downtown Columbus has the best comfort food that is sure to keep your stomach happy during those cold winter months. The egg avocado toast is the perfect breakfast to start your day on the sunny side. The combination of warm, fresh bread, fresh eggs, and smooth avocados spread across will be sure to satisfy any craving.

7. Avocado Eggroll from BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse 

Located in both Easton and Polaris, this place is a must. People raved about these delicious little eggrolls, so I decided to try them for myself. The crunchy texture of the roll pairs perfectly with the smoothness of the avocado. Plus, BJ's prides themselves on selectively picking the freshest avocado for the roll. 

8. Fried Avocados from Old Mohawk Restaurant

In the historic German Village, fried avocados are a craft the Old Mohawk Restaurant has mastered. Craving french fries? Eat fried avocados instead and your body will thank you later. You still get the crunch of the fried food while substituting the processed high in fat french fries for fried avocados that are high in fiber, protein, vitamins, and have very little saturated fat. I can eat loads of these guys guilt free.

9. Avocado Bruschetta from Forno

No picture can quite do this one justice. My tastebuds were in heaven while combining the cheese, tomato, and other seasonings with this avocado bruschetta. Trust me, Forno is a killer brunch spot and is conveniently located on North High Street in the Short North. Plus, the avocado bruschetta is on the brunch menu which means you can pair it with a $4 mimosa. Yum!

10. Guacamole from El Camino Inn

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Zoe Malin

I had to save the best for last, and holy guacamole this stuff is good. Right in the heart of downtown Columbus, El Camino Inn has the #1 ranked guacamole in the city. If you need to reward yourself after a stressful week, this is the place to splurge on guacamole, Mexican food, and margaritas with friends. Also, check out some #spoontips if you want to try making guac at home.

You're Welcome.

Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin

Now that your mouth is watering and your stomach is grumbling, it's time to make an adventure out to various parts of Columbus. What better way to explore the fast growing city AND state capital than by experimenting with some of the finest avocado related cuisines. Use the next holiday, your friend's birthday, or a fun date as the perfect excuse to splurge while also fueling your body with the essential nutrients. Make sure to tag @spoonuniversity in your Instagram posts of these green foods!

Happy eating to my fellow avocado loving people!