As college students, we all know that pizza is more than just a food, it’s a culture. We also know how important good pizza is, especially late at night. More importantly, we know that the last thing college students want to do is get in their car and drive somewhere to get pizza. That's why delivery was invented, right? Needless to say, Lexington has several pizza options that deliver, and we are here to let you know all about them. So here are the best pizza places in Lexington that deliver!

Domino’s Pizza

Good old Domino’s has been faithful through the years and is also one of the closest to campus, but that doesn’t matter because they deliver. Not only do they deliver to campus, but they deliver to Graham Lees and Gaines so you don’t have to walk the quarter mile to the actual Domino’s store, how convenient!

Domino’s will deliver to most places on campus including sorority and fraternity houses, as well as the junior year housing. In fact, Domino’s delivers just about everywhere including the Colonnade, so you should give it a try. They have the most amazing cheesy bread and pretty good boneless wings. Domino’s also has a cool app that you can use to track your delivery pizza, so you can be ready to grab that box of yum the second it arrives.

Papa John’s

Another favorite we all know and love: Papa John’s. It also delivers to most places on campus depending on the driver you get. In relation to campus, Papa John’s is farther so take that into consideration if deciding between Domino’s and Papa John's. Don't neglect dessert, because the cinnamon pull aparts practically melt in your mouth!

Pizza Hut

Located just past Highway 11 near Cookout and Kroger, Pizza Hut is close to campus and offers delivery. Not only does Pizza Hut have pizza (duh), but they also offer pasta, wings, and sides like breadsticks with dipping sauce. If you're feeling extra hungry, go for the Big Dinner Box with 2 pizzas, wings, and breadsticks. So if you are looking for a change from your usual Domino’s order try Pizza Hut, and let us know which one you think is better.

Frank’s Pizza

Located fairly close to Pizza Hut, Franks is more than just delivery. A local chain, Frank’s has some of the best pizza in Lexington. Aside from pizza the menu includes calzones, pasta dinners, subs and salads. Stop in for a delightful dining experience or call in for take-out. Unfortunately Frank’s will not deliver to your dorm, but we like to think it is worth the time, or the exercise, to walk or drive there.

Salerno Pizzeria

Another local favorite to Lexington: Salerno is all about freshness and flavor. It offer pizzas, calzones, pastas, salads and desserts, and most importantly it does deliver. Salerno offers the largest menu variety of Italian food in Lexington so next time you’re thinking about ordering pizza, try the local way and let your taste buds judge the difference.

Naples Pizza

Many students are unaware of Naples, because it is located by Wal Mart, but it does indeed exist and offers take-out. Pizzas, calzones, pastas, wraps, subs, this place has it all and even has Italian dessert like Cannolis. Although they may not deliver, make it your dinner destination next time your 15 minutes Walmart run turns into a 2 hour one. We are convinced you’ll find something you like.

These are the pizza options in Lexington that either deliver or have take-out options and we are confident that there is a pizza plan out there for every W&L student. And if you're feeling creative, check out this article to see how to turn leftover pizza into breakfast pizza.