I'm sure you've heard of crepes, macarons, ratatouille, duck, beef tartare, and so on. These are some of the foods in Paris you may ponder about when daydreaming a trip to Paris. While these are must-try dishes in Paris, there are a multitude of other cuisines that Paris masterfully serves. 

Maybe the first word that pops into your head when you think of food in Paris is subtle, light, or mild. If it is, then boy are you in for a surprise. Food in Paris is unexpected, bold, and packed with a punch. Here are some of the must-try foods in Paris:

P.S. keep reading for a little surprise bonus at the end!

Neha Sunkara


How could we not start off with the magnificent crepe? While it may be in the background of the picture, its soft and ooey gooey texture coupled with the rich chocolate drizzle and vanilla ice cream was to die for. One other thing you need to know about Paris is that its whipped cream is out of this world. It's incredibly light, melts in your mouth, and does not taste like there are added chemicals in it. 

Neha Sunkara


Macarons are a delicacy in Paris, and you will find many fancy stores here and there that catch your eye. I highly recommend trying one of each flavor so you can get the full macaron-lover's experience. Personally, the fruit-flavored macarons were by far the best. The jam inside the macaron was intense, and I could feel it touching every one of my taste buds and lighting them up. 

Neha Sunkara

Croissants (or really anything with bread)

Boulangeries (aka bakeries) in Paris are widespread. I would be surprised if you didn't stumble on one every corner you turn. Food in Paris cannot be described without involving croissants, pain au chocolat, brioche, and so many other tasty treats. Bread on its own in Paris is flavorful and kind of addicting. These items are some of the best things you could eat for breakfast.

Neha Sunkara


This may come as a shock since churros are not typical foods you associate with Paris. However, if you go to Paris during Christmas, attending a Christmas market is inevitable, and the churros there have a perfect balance of crispy on the outside to soft and gooey on the inside. Doused in a generous amount of sugar and ready to be dipped in chocolate sauce, these mighty wonders cannot be left behind. 

Neha Sunkara


Another shocker. I know I'm on a roll with these left-field foods in Paris, but street food is surprisingly a must-try in Paris. As you can see from the picture above, the paella container is bare bones, and for a good reason because it was one of the most flavorful street foods I have ever had. The seafood in it was diverse ranging from mussels to shrimp to calamari, and the rice itself was soft. If you don't try street food while in Paris, it will be a missed opportunity. 

Neha Sunkara


The seafood in Paris is extraordinary. This particular restaurant was located in a grand chateau, so it was on the pricier side and alluded to a fine dining atmosphere. The scallops melted in my mouth, and there was a great balance of flavors in the dish that did a good job of not overpowering the protein on the plate. Seafood may not be the first choice when visiting Paris, but it should be on your list. 

Neha Sunkara


I had to include steak on this list because this was one of the most tender, well-cooked, and juicy steaks I have ever experienced in my life. The sauce on the side was also not overpowering and helped to enhance the dish. I recommend going to a more up-scale restaurant to have steak as this restaurant was fancier than others I went to. 

Neha Sunkara


Duck is one of the superior meats in Paris because it is cooked to perfection, is seasoned to perfection, and is juicy as can be. The potatoes served on the side were also flavorful as they soaked in the gravy and duck sauce. The duck meat peeled off the bone so easily that I barely used my knife. If you have the chance, I definitely recommend trying it. 

Neha Sunkara

Beef Tartare

This was probably one of my favorite dishes in Paris because of how light, flavorful, yet filling it was. This particular version was a Japanese rendition of the beef tartare, which I believe further enhanced the dish. It felt like a firecracker was popping off in my mouth every time I took a bite, which was cooled by bites of the vegetable underneath. This dish is creamy, has a unique texture, and is packed with flavor. 

Neha Sunkara


I know. I know. I know. Pasta is Italian, but I could not resist putting it on this list because the Parisians do it right. The pasta has the right ratio of cheese to sauce, and the pasta is cooked well too. The seasoning is on point, and it would be remiss not to include it in this roundup. 

And finally... I have a bonus item to include, which is a drink. 

Neha Sunkara


You cannot go to Paris and not have a cappuccino or a latte. I am not a coffee drinker whatsoever and I still had both on multiple occasions. Having a piping hot drink, especially during the cold months if you go in winter, is a different feeling - one that you don't want to miss out on.