Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Company has made it their mission to do things that ice cream and frozen yogurt companies simply can’t. Dairy free, gluten free, fat free, vegan, kosher, and essentially guilt free, you may ask “what on earth is in this stuff that makes it SO good?”

The answer is 3 ingredients: fruit, water, and a touch of organic cane sugar. Here are 10 reasons why Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit is the savior to all those addicted to the high calorie and high sugar (deliciousness) of ice cream and soft serve.

1. Soft serve for breakfast


Photo by Dannah Strauss

Chloe’s has made it socially acceptable to have frozen treats for breakfast and we are eternally grateful. This soft serve joint has a full breakfast menu with a play on the classic waffle and ice cream, fruit parfait, green smoothie, fruit smoothie, acai bowl, and cereal parfait.

2. Chloe’s can get you tipsy

Whether you place your delicious soft serve fruit pop into glass of wine, or blend champagne/tequila into Chloe’s slushies, you can enjoy the most insanely refreshing, delicious and (who would’ve thought) nutritious alcoholic beverage you will ever consume…EVER. 

3. Post workout indulging is possible

All of Chloe’s smoothies can partner with whey and vegan protein powders to cool down and power up after a long workout. One legendary smoothie seems to dominate the smoothie scene: the Protein Plus.

Chloe’s famous protein smoothie is packed with nutrients and vitamins from soft serve fruit and almond milk, antioxidents and protein from chocolate protein powder, and savory decadence from peanut butter. Hard work has never tasted so darn good.

4. Chloe’s is ~trendy~

Chloe’s fits in seemlessly with all of the latest food fads and health kicks that have hit our great nation. This is no exception when it comes to the increasingly popular breakfast food, acai bowls. Customize your bowl with your favorite variety of soft serve and let Chloe’s make you a little more hip in 2015. 

5. Creamy has never been so healthy


Photo by Dannah Strauss

Chloe’s has developed a way to mix fruit so it’s creamier than any other dairy free frozen treat. Never icey, and never artificial, this soft serve simulates ice cream without all the fat and sugar. Even your most intense cravings for ice cream and froyo can be satisfied at Chloe’s. 

6. Chloe’s can go with you basically anywhere


Photo by Dannah Strauss

Ice pops are obviously super portable and awesome to grab while doing any summer errand. Smoothies, whether they be from the store or made at home using Chloe’s soft serve products, you can have this sweet and healthy treat on demand and on the go at all times. 

7. Pop, lock and drop it (into chocolate sauce or peanut butter)


Photo by Michelle Rubinstein

As Chloe’s packaged products hit grocery stores across the country, the love for healthy ice pops just keeps on growing. Chloe’s has found a way to amp up the classic ice pop by dipping their soft serve pops into chocolate or peanut butter and then rolling them into any topping your heart desires…yum. 

8. Celebratory occasions are no longer cheat days


We all know the immense excitement that goes along with celebrations over the summer. We also know the constant struggle to have self control as those celebrations come with dense cakes and pastries.

Chloe’s makes super tasty soft serve pies with various toppings and varieties. Order one to have shipped to your next momentus occassion and leave the guilt behind.

9. Chocolate is declared a fruit

The moment has come for all health conscious chocolate lovers to bow down to Chloe’s products. Yes, chocolate is definitely a fruit since it’s made from the seeds of the cacao fruit. Chloe’s has found a way to make this chocolate as creamy and sweet as humanly possible without all the junk. 

With a banana base that you can hardly notice, dark chocolate becomes a smooth and rich soft serve delight that won’t make you pack on the pounds.  

10. Chloe’s hydrates

A photo posted by Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co. (@chloesfruit) on Jun 17, 2015 at 3:17pm PDT

The water content in fruit is already extremely beneficial to the body and Chloe’s Soft Serve formula adds even more water to keep the hydration going. Hydrate with a cool, icey slushie or a smoothie and you can battle any hot day this summer.