Walking in and seating yourself sets the vibes for Seven Saints in downtown Champaign. The décor combines the feel of a fine dining restaurant with the setting of an old fashion pub by having seating both at a bar and in wooden booths while hanging lantern chandeliers light the room. Seven Saints is the perfect spot for college students to escape the bland, unhealthy dorm or apartment food while keeping the meal casual and comfortable.

It’s hard to step into Seven Saints and not be tempted to order some of their famous sliders. Customers are able to individually order as few or as many sliders as they want, as well as mix and match different kinds. Types of sliders range anywhere from a classic burger to a fried chicken slider to a salmon slider, each with their own unique toppings and taste.

While the classic slider lived up to its lofty name, it was the “off the grid” cheese curd appetizer that was the surprise of the evening. This dish took a usually greasy, fatty meal served at fairs and sporting events and turned it into a hand-battered starter made with fresh cheese from a local dairy. Marinara sauce is the cheese curds’ best friend; flawlessly complimenting the rich, creamy cheese with a light topping. 

Seven Heavenly Saints

Cheese curds Photo by Meredith Marcus

Seven Saints’ mandatory, well-done sliders proved even burgers without tender pink meat can still be juicy and savory. With the cheddar cheese oozing off all sides, the slider was perfectly crafted. Hot off the grill, the smokiness of the meat captured tastebuds. With the outside slightly charred, but not burnt by any means, the slider was grilled to perfection. While obviously smaller than a normal burger, these sliders can fill you up fast! Of course, when you have a side of their equally as cherished sweet potato fries it also helps you get full faster.


Address: 32 E. Chester St., Champaign, IL

Hours of operation: Mon-Sun 11am-2am