A cupcake a day keeps the doctor away. Okay, so maybe that isn't the saying exactly, but why can't it be true? You need to treat yourself every once in a while and a cupcake is the perfect treat. With endless flavor combinations, cupcakes never get old. 

Sure, you have your favorite cupcake place in your hometown, but what happens when you travel somewhere new? You should never have to go far without a good cupcake to cheer you up. Here's a place in every state that's worth a try for all cupcake lovers out there. 

Information courtesy of The Daily Meal and Walking on Travels

1. Alabama: Dreamcakes Bakery 

Located in Birmingham, these cupcakes never seem to fail. Maybe you don't have time to make it into the shop. No worries, Dreamcakes has a Cupcake Truck that drives around several days a week. What's better than that? 

2. Alaska: The Midnight Sun Cakery 

While this place in Anchorage is known for its custom cakes, the cupcakes are just as tasty. With almost 20 flavors, you'll never have to get the same thing twice. Oh, and don't forget to try each month's special flavor in a discounted pack. 

3. Arizona: Treehouse Bakery 

This place is a little different than the others because it's a vegan bakery, but its still delicious. Located in Phoenix, this bakery offers a variety of flavors, so it's ready to conquer any cupcake craving.

4. Arkansas: PattiCakes Bakery 

Conway, Arkansas knows what's up when it comes to cupcakes. PattiCakes Bakery makes its cupcakes fresh every day. And even if you're looking for a custom order, they've got you covered.

5. California: Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen 

This bakery in Vista knows how to make a good cupcake. After winning Cupcake Wars twice, it's safe to say that this bakery has the art of baking cupcakes mastered now. With over 130 flavors on rotation, each visit is bound to bring a new, sweet experience. 

6. Colorado: Happy Bakeshop

If you're in Colorado, head to Denver and try the cupcakes. There are many unique flavors that will leave you wanting so many more. 

7. Connecticut: NoRA Cupcake Company

Middletown serves a good cupcake. The name NoRA stands for "North of Rapallo Avenue", which is exactly where the bakery is located. The name makes it pretty hard to forget where the delicious cupcakes are located. 

8. Delaware: Sweet Somethings Desserts 

Wilmington is the key to your cupcake heart. Stop by anytime to try one of the delicious cupcake flavor combinations here. With a cupcake flavor based on Nutella, you can't be disappointed. 

9. Florida: Datz Dough 

If you're ever in Florida, make sure you're going to Tampa to check out this place. The cupcakes are to-die for and won't leave you on an empty stomach. 

10. Georgia: The Atlanta Cupcake Factory 

With a name like the Cupcake Factory, I don't know how this bakery couldn't be the top. Head to Atlanta to try out these tasty treats. 

11. Hawaii: Sugarlina Bakeshop 

Why not make your Hawaiin getaway a little more sweet? Sugarlina is the place to go to satisfy your sweet tooth.

12. Idaho: Sugar Rush Cupcakery

Boise has the cupcakes. If you're ever in Idaho, make sure to head to this city for a treat that you won't soon forget.

13. Illinois: Molly's Cupcakes 

With two locations in Chicago, you have access to these cupcakes wherever you are. Even better, you'll be helping out schools in the community with each cupcake purchase. 

14. Indiana: The Flying Cupcake Bakery 

Indianapolis is the home of this cupcake hotspot. You can even have a cupcake truck come to your event. Cupcakes on wheels? Count me in!

15. Iowa: Creme Cupcake and Dessert 

This Des Moines shop was a finalist on Cupcake Wars, which makes it even more desirable. If you're going here at night, be prepared for a dessert bar, including a mix of drinks and desserts. 

16. Kansas: Three Women and an Oven 

Overland Park is the place to be for yummy cupcakes in Kansas. I don't know about you, but I sure want to try these cute cupcakes out

17. Kentucky: BabyCakes Cupcakes 

Lexington, I'm coming for you. These cupcakes need to be tried because let's face it, I'll regret it if not. 

18. Louisiana: SweetChic Cupcakes Bakery Boutique 

Lake Charles, I thank you for this cupcake shop. It's so good that you'll want to get a dozen just so you're guaranteed more later.

19. Maine: Cupcake Charlie's 

This cupcake tastes so good you'll want to eat it for every meal. Make sure to go to Kittery next time you're in Maine, so you can give this bakery a whirl.

20. Maryland: Georgetown Cupcakes 

If you haven't heard of Georgetown Cupcakes then you've obviously never watched TLC. Make sure to head to Bethesda to try these yummy cupcakes, you'll thank me later. 

21. Massachusetts: Sweet Cupcakes 

Boston has good food of course, but now you have a place to catch some dessert. These sweet treats are waiting for your arrival.

22. Michigan: SugarHigh Bakery 

Frankenmuth, you're changing the cupcake game. If you don't stop here, you'll regret it later—I mean look at this cupcake eye candy!

23.  Minnesota: Groundswell

You'll want to be sure to add this place to your list next time you find yourself in St. Paul. The vibes are great, and so are the cupcakes.

24. Mississippi: AnnOlivia's Sweet Shop

Get a cupcake and you'll be happy. Head to Hernando to this shop next time you're in Mississippi to make your day a little better with a cupcake. 

25. Missouri: Jilly's Cupcake Bar and Cafè

If this picture doesn't make you want to go to St. Louis right now, then you really need to rethink your love for cupcakes. Let's be honest, these cupcakes are too sweet to resist. 

26. Montana: Bernice's Bakery 

Missoula is the cupcake spot in Montana. Pick your flavor, sit down and enjoy. You can even grab a cup of coffee to go with your dessert. 

27. Nebraska: The Cake Gallery

The name might focus on cakes, but this place is all about cupcakes. Make a stop in Omaha to give it a try. 

28. Nevada: Freed's Bakery

What more could Las Vegas have to offer? Oh right, cupcakes. You'll definitely want to make a special trip for these tasty treats

29. New Hampshire: White Mountain Cupcakery 

Cannoli's on a cupcake? Yeah, that's something worth traveling for. Head to North Conway to try one out for yourself.

30. New Jersey: House of Cupcakes 

One location wasn't enough, so House of Cupcakes has three. Whether you're close to East Brunswick, Clifton or Princeton, you'll be able to get one of these NJ cupcakes

31. New Mexico: SmallCakes Cupcakery 

Albuquerque, you have made our cupcakes dreams come true. There are so many flavor options that you might have a hard time choosing just one and will have to resort to purchasing two. 

32. New York: Billy's Bakery 

New York City, I love you. And now I love you even more because you're home to Billy's Bakery.

33. North Carolina: The Cupcake Shoppe Bakery 

Sometimes it's impossible to leave the bakery with only one cupcake. This Raleigh location has a bunch of flavors you'll want to try, so it looks like you'll be going back often. 

34. North Dakota: Sweet Treats Cupcake Bar & Bakery 

Bismark loves cupcakes just as much as I do. There are flavors galore at this North Dakota-based bakery.

35. Ohio: Fate Cakes 

Whether you want a classic or gourmet flavor, Fate Cakes has you covered. And since they're in Columbus, they decorate in support of the Ohio State Buckeyes

36. Oklahoma: Sara Sara Cupcakes 

Oklahoma City is the place to be for cupcakes. Sara Sara will give you that delicious cupcake you've been craving.

37. Oregon: Toadstool Cupcakes 

Hey Portland, these cupcakes look pretty cool. Not only do they have the cuteness factor under their belt, they have the taste factor too.

38. Pennsylvania: Whipped Bakeshop 

Not only does Philly have great cheesesteaks, but its cupcakes are up to par too. Next time you visit the City of Brotherly love, check this place out

39. Rhode Island: Silver Spoon Bakery 

Stop in East Greenwich next time you're in Rhode Island to try these cupcakes. They were voted best in the state in 2013, so there's your proof that they're legit. 

40. South Carolina: Sugar Bakeshop 

If this picture doesn't make you want to go to Charleston right now and try this cupcake, then I don't know what else will. 

41. South Dakota: Oh My Cupcakes! 

This Sioux Falls cupcake shop will have you planning winter, spring, summer and fall trips to South Dakota.

42. Tennessee: Sweet 16th Bakery

Nashville sure has more than country music - it has this cupcake shop that will be music to your mouth. 

43. Texas: Hey Cupcake

Austin, Texas, you've done it again. This cupcake shop offers all your flavor needs and will cater events for you too. So, pretty much, you can have these sweet cupcakes at any event you plan. 

44. Utah: The Sweet Tooth Fairy

Wow, these cupcakes look delicious. Visit Salt Lake City next time you're in Utah and you're looking for something to make your day a little bit sweeter.

45. Vermont: My Little Cupcake 

A place that tops their cupcakes with donuts is the kind of place I want to be in. There's nothing more I could ask for from this bakery in Burlington.

46. Virginia: Twisted Sisters Cupcakes 

What's a better vacation treat than a cupcake? On your next Virginia Beach vacation, stop by this spot to take your vacation to another level.

47. Washington: Cupcake Royale 

Washington might be known as the original home of Starbucks Coffee, but Seattle is making a statement with this cupcake place

48. West Virginia: Lil' Bit of Heaven Cupcakes 

A cupcake topped with nutella, yes please! Visit St. Albans next time you're in West Virginia to bless your tastebuds. 

49. Wisconsin: Gigi's Cupcakes

So many cupcakes, so many options. Just stop in Madison next time you're visiting Wisconsin to try them out. 

50. Wyoming: Alla Lala Cupcakes and Sweet Things 

The sign in the picture says it all. This Gillette location knows the key to its customers' hearts—cupcakes. 

On you're next (or first) cross-country road trip, make sure to stop at each of these places for a little tasty treat. Cupcakes are sure to bring that extra bit of sweetness and happiness to your next adventure.