NYC, where Melt Shop started

If you live in NYC and haven't heard of Melt Shop, you haven't explored the city enough and are clearly missing out. If you have simply walked past Melt Shop thinking a grilled cheese sandwich isn't enough to fill you up, you'll think again after reading this article. 

Melt Shop was founded by Spencer Rubin in 2011. He opened the first shop as a walk-up counter in Midtown, NYC on his 25th birthday. Melt Shop doesn't just offer simple grilled cheese. By adding high-quality proteins, ingredients, and flavors, Melt Shop transforms grilled cheese into melted sandwiches that are not only delicious but also nutritious.

Jessica Lee

Grilled Cheese? Nah, it's more than that. 

I. Love. Cheese. That's something all my friends and family would know. I know I'm not alone in my love of cheese. Cheese lovers like me order subs toasted with cheese, pay extra to add cheese to our burgers, often prefer quesadillas to tacos, love pizza, and dream of trying every cheese that exist. We love cheese, but we love ADDING cheese to all the other things we love.

Jessica Lee

Melt Shop's melted sandwiches are exactly what we love. Melt Shop's Classic Grilled Cheese and Fried Chicken Melt are among the most popular menu items. The store also expanded its menu with the launch of house-made tenders and the Vegan Bacon Burger. Over the summer, Melt Shop launched its limited-time lineup of three melts, including the Chicken Bacon Ranch Melt, Mike's Hot Honey Melt and Smoked Brisket + Chimichurri Melt. The Chicken Bacon Ranch did so well during the promotion, that Melt Shop officially added it to its regular menu. 

Jessica Lee

Some of the locations offer breakfast items you will not see elsewhere. Imagine grabbing an Egg & Cheese melt on a fresh brioche bun on your way to work. Wouldn't that instantly make your commute so much better?

Let's not forget that Melt Shop also serves tater tots. They seem very common, but it's actually quite difficult to find them once you don't eat in school cafeterias or dining halls anymore. Hence, I say breakfast totchos at Melt Shop topped with bacon, cheese sauce, jalapeños, caramelized onions AND a sunny side egg will never fail to brighten one's morning. 

Melt Shop Making Its Way Through the Country 

Melt Shop has doubled in size over the past couple of years. Since the opening of its first store in 2011, Melt Shop had grown to eight restaurants throughout NYC, Philadelphia, and Minnesota. Today, the brand has 19 locations throughout six states. Melt Shop recently expanded to the Southeast for the first time, opening its 18th location in Sunrise, Florida. The brand also expanded its presence in Pennsylvania, opening at Pittsburgh International Airport on Sept. 23.  

I know some of us cannot wait until Melt Shop expands to The West Coast.