Maybe you are a new student at Mines trying to get to know Golden or a seasoned one who happens to live with some annoying roommates. Maybe you just want a new place for your source of caffeine. While this list is in no particular order, get ready to expand your selection of coffee shops for studying (and great eats!).

1. Blaster's Brew/Starbucks/Book & Brew

If you are looking for some places on campus, these are the only three coffee shops we have on campus! Located in Brown, the Periodic Table, and the Library respectively, if you are looking for a place to hang out in between classes and get a kick, these are the places to go! All three places offer Starbucks coffee but each has its own perk! The barista at Blaster's Brew will give you the sweetest smile to go along with your sweet drink (at no additional cost if you are nice:) ). The location in the periodic table offers the full selection as you would see at a regular Starbucks. At Book & Brew, you can grab a coffee every time you find yourself at the library so it offers the perfect studying environment if you like it to be quiet. The other nice thing is that you can use munch money at the first two locations!

2. Higher Grounds Cafe

This is probably my favorite cafe on the list! Not only is all of the food and drink delicious, the owners are super caring! They make sure each bagel is toasted properly and each drink has the perfect ratio of cream to coffee (or whipped cream to hot chocolate). It is also a short walk from campus and study at. It's an all around perfect atmosphere to get your best work done.

This is also a cafe with views!! Definitely stop by around dusk for some beautiful sunset pictures for the 'gram

3. Pangea Coffee Roaster

Take your trek from the dorms down to pedestrian plaza and then all the way down the hill to get to Pangea. Pangea is a personal favorite because it is kind of magical in my eyes. It is far enough away from campus and downtown that it is super quiet inside and out! Their coffee is also amazing because they hand roast it right in Golden! While Pangea only opened in 2013, the owners have so much experience in the coffee industry that shows off in their drinks. Plus, its another perfect instagram worthy opportunity since they do the fancy latte art.

4. Windy Saddle Cafe

If you go early in the mornings, Windy Saddle Cafe is super quiet but as soon as the afternoon hours hit, there is a light wave of people coming in and out. For anyone (like myself) who can't work in silence and stillness, this is the perfect place for that! While they also have amazing coffee, my personal favorite is their pastries and other sandwiches! They also have some bomb breakfast burritos. Check them out in downtown Golden. PRO TIP: This is an awesome place to set up interviews because the atmosphere is calm and the people that come here tend to do work, catch up with a friend or do interviews!