North Campus at Michigan has a reputation for being isolated, boring, and basically the worst place you could find yourself on campus. But what the majority of campus doesn't realize is that North Campus is full of hidden gems, with several restaurants and grab-and-go options that are worth a trip on the bus. Here's where you should eat on North:

Songbird Cafe

Songbird Cafe is in the Plymouth Mall, a strip mall that has its own stop if you take the right Ride bus (or you can take Northwood and walk a little bit). Songbird is quaint and rustic, and offers a variety of coffee - like the lavender latte. The sandwiches also come with either chips or a pickle, and do yourself a favor and pick the chips - they're homemade, thick, and crunchy, with minimal grease and salt.


Cardamom is located off campus, a short walk from Courtyards. Cardamom is arguably the best Indian food in Ann Arbor, with fluffy naan bread, creamy mango lassis, and spicy curry. The curry is available in mild, hot, as well as very hot, and is offered in vegetarian, chicken, lamb, goat, and seafood.

Chez Betty

dough, chocolate, flour, cookie, pastry, sweet, bread
Annika Altura

Hidden in the BBB, Chez Betty is run by CSEG, a CSE graduate student group. Chez Betty stocks snacks and drinks like Soylent, Starbucks coffee, nutrition bars, potato chips, and even Girl Scout Cookies, which a student can use to purchase with his/her UMID (first putting in cash to load the account) at a 15% markup from the wholesale price.


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Libby Perold

Fireside is a place in Pierpont Commons that is not only a nice place to study, but a place for great pizza. A little-known tip is that you can order your own pizza with your own toppings (create your own).

Panda Express

Panda Express is what you smell when you're standing downstairs in Pierpont Commons, waiting for the buses. The strong scent can't be missed, and sometimes, if the buses take long enough, it's tempting and easy to grab some Panda to go, as long as it's not too often.

Hibachi Sans

rice, chicken
Bridget Muckian

Hibachi Sans was recently opened, and it's also in the basement of Pierpont Commons. Selling mainly poke bowls, it's worth a try if you're craving sushi, even though the portion sizes are a bit small for the price (around $9 for a small/regular bowl). Even though this definitely won't replace real sushi, it may be your best bet if you're in need of a quick fix.

While North Campus has a bad rap on campus, it does deserve a little more credit for having some great food. Even if you're not an engineer or art student, you won't regret a quick trip to North for an unforgettable bite to eat.