Cookiegazm offers gourmet, warm cookies that can be delivered right to your door. These aren't any ordinary cookies: the name speaks for itself. One bite of any of these cookies and your mouth with will have a "gazmic" experience. The freshly baked cookies are combined with drool-worthy ingredients like Nutella, Oreos, M&M's, Caramel, and more. They even incorporate the notorious "slutty cookie," which is an Oreo inside of a chocolate chip cookie — cookie deception.

Since finals week is quickly approaching, Cookiegazm has your back for the best study relief. So treat yourself with delectable cookies for a midnight snack. Perfect for sharing and destined to be devoured in just a few minutes, these cookies won't disappoint. Here's my take on Cookiegazm's top five cookies that not only look amazing but taste like a dream:

The Booty Call

Brooke Avedon

You will always say yes to this booty call. Tempting you with the perfection combination of Nutella and Oreos, how can you resist? This will be the most pleasing booty call you will ever have, I promise.   

The Slutty Macaw 

Brooke Avedon

Slutty red velvet cookie, M&M's, S'more topping: it's a masterpiece. This colorful cookie resembles the colors of a Macaw, which just so happens to be the most popular bird in the jungle. This cookie is ma-cawing your name. 

The Dirty Blondie 

Brooke Avedon

*Gasp* Wow, this blondie will definitely do you dirty. One bite of this white chocolate macadamia cookie topped with bananas and caramel may make you feel a little guilty. This one is a keeper — definitely not worthy of being a side chick.

Cookies and Cream 

Brooke Avedon

If a chocolate chip cookie and an Oreo had a baby, it would be this cookie. So simple, yet so satisfying. You might skip that cookies and cream milkshake or ice cream and just go straight for the warm cookies and cream cookie. What goes best with chocolate cookies? More cookies. Just grab a cold glass of milk. 

La Cookieta 

Brooke Avedon

Muy bonita. Don't second guess this peanut butter cookie. Topped with bananas, dulce de leche, and condensed milk, you might want to tune into a telenovela to enjoy this drama-filled cookie. The typical peanut butter-banana combo is perfect when put together with creamy toppings that ooze in your mouth. 

Whether you go with the OG cookies or choose to get crafted cookies, you are guaranteed to end your night satisfied after an order from Cookiegazm.