I have never been much of a coffee drinker, but that doesn't stop me from going to coffee shops, and it shouldn't stop you. Even though I am not coffee's number one fan, I have always been a big supporter of coffee shops. They are a sanctuary for a variety of people: students, kids, adults and the list goes on. The coffee shops in Jacksonville are no different. But everyone is there for the same reason: coffee. Coffee can be an acquired love, but pastries are for everyone.  These coffee shops in Jacksonville will be your go-to places to get a hit of some sweet goodness.

Jacksonville may not be a college town, but its size makes it easy to find your own personality somewhere in the city. When I first moved to Jacksonville I was intimidated by the traffic and the amount of space I had to discover. However, I always found a coffee shop and immediately felt comfortable. These coffee shops in Jacksonville will make you feel good and full. 

Sippers Coffeehouse

Madison Roberts

Everything in Jacksonville is spread out, which makes Sippers Coffeehouse an ideal location for students since it only takes an eight minute drive from the University of North Florida campus. Sippers has plenty of comfortable couches for students and locals to come study or unwind after a long day. The seating arrangements in this shop accommodate everyone's needs, you can sit on couches with a warm treat, or you can sit at one of the many tables to get everything done that you have been putting off. Make sure to grab the house made cinnamon rolls topped with warm icing. Take a break from coffee to try these fresh and classically delicious pastries like chocolate chip muffins and the scone of the day. You will not be disappointed.  

Pura Bean Coffee Company

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Madison Roberts

Looking for a quick pick me up? Pura Bean Coffee Company has exactly what you need. Pura Bean is a quaint coffee shop located off of Beach Boulevard, perfect for a quick sweet boost in between class. Pura Bean knows what the people want with their house made cinnamon rolls, assorted muffins and macaroons. My personal favorite is the banana bread made fresh in shop. Pura Bean is perfect for an on the go snack with a freshly made taste.  

Breezy Coffee Shop Cafe

Madison Roberts

For anyone feeling homesick, Breezy Coffee Shop Cafe is styled after the rustic Jacksonville Beach homes of 3rd Street. It's this homey atmosphere that makes Breezy's one of the best coffee shops in Jacksonville. When I walked into Breezy's I felt like I was walking into an old friend's house. There is a living room space in the back that is perfect for studying with friends, or a perfect "you" day. They had a record player in the corner stocked with sweet jams, but they still weren't as sweet as the pastries.

The thing that really caught my eye was the specialty breads and scones. I ordered the apple cinnamon bread, lemon poppy seed bread and a pumpkin scone. I would take out another student loan for all the pastries they had. Would I regret it? Maybe. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Breezy's is supplied with assorted breads, muffins, and pitas, if you end up studying through lunch. These treats are perfect to enjoy in shop and even more perfect to grab on your way to the beach. 

Vagabond Coffee

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Madison Roberts

Need a reason to get out of the house? Head down to Murray Hill to your new favorite study spot. Vagabond Coffee is filled with unique sweets that will give you that sugar rush you desperately need. Once you walk in, grab a treat, and sit down, you will never want to leave.

Even though it's one of the best coffee shops in Jacksonville, every time I go to Vagabond I always end up "overstaying" my welcome. It feels like I am getting away from all of my troubles, while still staying close to home. This coffee shop is located in the middle of a quaint neighborhood in Murray Hill and the lighting is always perfect to take pictures of your coffee and treat to show off to all your friends.   Don't forget to check this hot spot out on Fridays for sprinkle madness. Every Friday Vagabond adds sprinkles to their favorite snacks and drinks to get everyone's weekend started off right. 

Vagabond has mini bundt cakes with lavender icing, chocolate chip scones, and blueberry poptarts with chocolate drizzling, to name a few. These savory snacks will get your mind off all the adulting going on in your life, at least until the sweetness runs off. 

Spoon tip: If looking for something else to do while on that side of town, you can walk across the street to a vintage shop, or catch a movie at the Murray Hill Theater right next door. 

Coffee and pastry lovers can live in the Jacksonville coffee shop community in complete harmony with these local sweet spots. Jacksonville may not be the college town some students are looking for, but it is a perfect place to find who you are and buy a few sweets along the way.