You have probably heard of Cherry and Vanilla Coke, but when you travel to other countries, their Coca-Cola flavours sound more unique. Some are even specifically meant to be drunk before meals while other flavours are incorporated into traditional dishes.

I honestly can't remember the last time I drank Coke. If there's nothing to drink and I'm super thirsty, I still won't drink it – partially because of the strange stuff you can do with it, but also because of the taste.

Around the world, Coca-Cola offers different flavours, just like McDonalds' offers different menu items. These flavours are special to the traditional foods and beverages of the countries they're sold in. While most of these flavours were created long before Coca-Cola came around, the company helps to keeps these flavours alive today. 

South America  

In Brazil, you'll find cola that tastes like berries and ginger-ale. When looking at a menu, you'll need to look for a drink named Guaraná Kuat, as the beverage was named after a sun god, but if you plan on ordering it, it's pronounced "Kwatch".

If you're not into berries, maybe you'll like bubble gum flavoured coke found in Peru. While Inca-Cola isn't actually bubble gum flavoured, the sweet yellow coloured drink supposedly resembles the taste of gum because of its fruity flavours.

The drink is even incorporated into Peruvian dishes, but if you're looking for the Coca-Cola version of this drink while in Peru, you won't find it because Coca-Cola owns the trademark for this drink in every country except Peru.


One of Coca-Cola's "most popular flavours" was found in Italy, but a quick Google search will show results for the "worst tasting soft drink ever" most likely because of its very bitter taste. Beverly Cola was meant to be sipped before meals, but since its discontinuation in 2009, the only place you can find this drink is at World of Coca-Cola locations. 

If you're more into tropical flavours, you might grow to be a fan of Fanta Pineapple. This drink can be found in Greece using imported pineapples which makes this flavour a treat for Greek residents. 


Thailand is known for its warm, tropical climate and that's why Fanta Melon Frosty is loved. The sweet melon flavour is something you might want to try on a really hot day.

China produces 40% of the world's watermelons so it's no surprise that China's flavour of coke is called Smart Watermelon. They also have Smart Apple if you're not into melons. 

If you get the opportunity to go to Japan, you might like VegitaBeta in Japan which is a fizzy coke made with apricots and passion fruit.


Africa has a whole bunch of different flavours to try in so many different areas. Bibo Candy Pine Nut is a favourite around Africa as it tastes like pineapple and coconut. 

If you happen to be in the central or southern part of Africa and like raspberries, Sparletta Sparberry is the way to go as this flavour is like a berry cream soda that's been around since 1955.

Fanta Exotic might also be something you want to try on a hot day in Uganda if you're into fruits. This coke flavour is made up of orange, passionfruit and peach.

If you're out of gum in Djibouti, Sunfil cola may be the way to go as it's peppermint flavoured, but if that's not your thing and you don't like fruity drinks, maybe ginger flavoured coke, aka Stoney Tangawizi found in Tanzania, will interest you.

North America 

Most people know of cherry and vanilla coke found in Canada and the U.S, but if you find yourself traveling to Mexico, Manzana Lift might be interesting to try. If you happen to be like me and have tried to learn Spanish even just a little bit, you'd know by now that manzana means apple which is exactly what this flavour tastes like.

If you ever get the opportunity to travel the world, you might be able to check out some of these flavours, but if not, you can always make a trip to the World of Coca-Cola either in Atlanta or Las Vegas... or travel to Future World in Epcot at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando to sample a few.