We've all been there: tired of the bubble tea on campus, but seriously craving a good spot to get some boba. Boba tea, more commonly known as bubble tea, is taking this generation's taste buds by storm. Whatever you call it, this drink is the front runner for bringing people together for any occasion from study breaks to casual hangouts.

I like to consider myself a boba aficionado, but out of fear of overgrazing my favorite bubble tea spots, I decided it was time to find what other bubble tea spots there were in Miami. So, on my journey I went to find the best bubble tea in Miami.

Lan Pan-Asian Cafe

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Anabelle Torres

For this article, I wanted to start off with what opened up the gateway to my boba addiction one fateful July afternoon during my junior year of high school.

Located in the heart of Dadeland Station, Lan Pan is renowned for its bubble tea, and rightfully so. The bubble tea it serves is rich, creamy, and highly addictive. Equipped with a window at the side of the restaurant focused solely on serving those who want their quick fix of bubble tea, Lan Pan really knows what the people want. 

Price: $5


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Daniella Sanchez

Hidden between Splitsville and AMC on the second floor of Sunset Place, it's pretty easy to miss if you're in a rush. But with a nice sign at the front of the store greeting you with the staff's favorite flavors like "roasted milk tea with rainbow jelly" or "passionfruit slush with coco jelly," visiting ChaTime is probably going to be the first thing you do when visiting Sunset Place. 

Price: $3.95 to $5.25, depending on your order

Boba World

If you consider yourself a fan of boba, you need to visit Boba World at least once especially to try their popular taro/coconut combo milk tea. While it also serves coffee and smoothies, its variety of different types of boba pearls and wide selection of flavors really solidifies its position as the mecca for Miami boba lovers.  

Price: $3.75-$5.75, depending on the size and type of beverage

specialTEA Lounge & Café

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Anabelle Torres

specialTEA is a favorite of mine among bubble tea spots in Miami. Besides the fact that it has a gracious student discount for FIU students and a shelf filled with board games to play while dining, it also has a variety of methods for preparing its bubble tea. I can assure you that even the most ardent of bubble tea haters will find a bubble tea to enjoy here.

For bubble tea beginners and bubble tea haters alike, once you try their iced taro boba creme, I'm sure you will be set on how you feel about boba (hint: you will feel very, very good).

Price: $3.65-$6, depending on the type and size of your tea

107 Coffee & Dessert

Anabelle Torres
If you find yourself getting tired of the bubble tea on campus and you're in the mood for something different, 107 Coffee and Dessert makes satisfying that bubble tea craving super easy. With its relaxing coffee shop ambiance, accessibility to FIU students, the milky texture of its tea, and chewy boba pearls, this place is a must for boba-loving Panthers.

Price: $4.65