Savory or sweet? That is a question we face a lot. Just this past Sunday, I was looking at a brunch menu debating whether I want to order a breakfast biscuit or waffles with strawberries and fresh cream. An everything bagel with lox or a blueberry bagel with blueberry cream cheese? Ham and cheese croissant or chocolate croissant? Goat cheese and ratatouille crepes or nutella and bananas crepes? You can't avoid this question at Bào Tea House either.

Savory char siu bàos or sweet lava bàos filled with homemade custard and coconut milk ? These Bàos are crumbly, buttery buns filled with mouthwatering savory meat or delightfully sweet filling. They make great afternoon pick-me-ups together with a cup of tea. At Bào Tea House, you can easily find the answer to your question.

You might not be able to finish both sweet and savory brunch dishes by yourself, but Bào Tea House's bàos are cute and small enough for you to have both a fried fish bào and a rose pudding bào. So why choose between savory and sweet when you can have both at Bào Tea House?

Bào Tea House opened its first store in Greenwich Village in 2018 with the idea of creating a "one tea one bào" lifestyle. Its founders, Alyas and Alven Scofield, Chen Huang, and Renk Dong, saw bào's potential to become a popular snack/breakfast option like French croissant and New York bagels. The first store is now quite popular especially among NYU students. 

For everyone living above the 42nd street, a trip to Greenwich Village is somewhat far for grabbing snacks or breakfast, especially if one is not already in the area for other reasons. Well, great news for all the midtowners and uptowners is that Bào Tea House just opened its second location in Midtown West near Time Square. So how bào some bàos after work today?

Bào Tea House (Midtown/ Time Square Location)

Address: 360 W 42nd Street, New York

Hours: 10:30am-9pm daily