Brunch is my favorite meal, no doubt. I live for the excitement of indulging in a big stack of pancakes on a Sunday morning. Living in New York City, there are tons of brunch places all over the city, but some of the best are in SoHo. This trendy NYC neighborhood is full of fabulous restaurants, shopping, people, and a vibe that can't be beat. To help you decide where you should be brunching this week, I've compiled a list of the six best SoHo spots.

1. Jack's Wife Freda

bacon, cheese
Hannah Freiberg

Jack's Wife Freda is a cute restaurant that focuses on American- Mediterranean style food. Everything is flavorful from the perfectly scrambled eggs to the deliciously healthy avocado toast. Make sure to get there early as there is always a long wait, but luckily for you they have two locations now. 

2. Sadelle's 

bread, cheese
Hannah Freiberg

Sadelle's is not only one of the best places in SoHo for brunch, but one of the best in the city. That's because they have mouthwatering hot bagels and all the fresh bagel toppings you could want. Sadelle's also offers their signature inside out bagel grilled cheese and their perfectly sweet cheese blintzes. 

3. Hundred Acres 

sauce, cream
Hannah Freiberg

Hundred Acres has something for everyone, whether you want a salad or pancakes. It's perfect for a group brunch because they have multiple options and the quality of their food is consistent. Hundred Acres changes the menu frequently, but my favorite dish is the tried-and-true french toast. 

4. Delicatessen 

pastry, syrup, sauce, coffee, sweet, cake, chocolate
Hannah Freiberg

Delicatessen has an extensive brunch menu filled with all of your favorite comfort foods. They've created options such as strawberry cream cheese stuffed French toast, pictured above, and a bruschetta omelet. The service is excellent, the space is beautiful, and the food is delicious. It's perfect for a brunch when you want to #treatyoself. 

5. Two Hands 

bread, salad, vegetable
Hannah Freiberg

Two Hands is best known for their amazing avocado toast, but let's be real: all of their items are incredible. No matter what you order, you're guaranteed an Insta-worthy and fresh meal. If you're craving some avocado toast, this is the place to be.

6.  Epistrophy 

french toast, toast, strawberry, maple syrup, pancake, banana, syrup
Hannah Freiberg

Epistrophy is a cute, quaint restaurant located on Mott Street that serves up classic brunch staples (think pancakes and eggs), so it's perfect for a traditionalist. It's also a great spot for vegans, because they have vegan banana bread and nut milks on their menu. Epistrophy is ideal for a no-fuss, tasty brunch. 

I can't wait to visit all these brunch spots again and explore new places to brunch in SoHo. Whether you live in New York or are visiting, you should definitely hit up these six spots when you're in the neighborhood.