For WSU students, Pullman is a great place, arguably the greatest place on Earth, but there isn't always a lot to do. Luckily for us, in just a short 15 minutes, we can cross over to Moscow, Idaho for new restaurants. While there are many options to chose from, some stick out more than others. 

Whether you are looking a caffeine fix, a place to bring the family when they visit, or just preparing for a fun weekend, you can find it all in Moscow. I don't know how my friends and I would survive without these five places.

5. Buffalo Wild Wings

chicken, meat, chicken wings, sauce, pork, barbecue, beef
Taylor Wright

With half-priced traditional wings every Tuesday, and boneless wing Thursdays, Buffalo Wild Wings is a budget-friendly choice for any college student. They serve a variety of flavors ranging from spicy to mild, and from sweet to savory. They also have delicious appetizers and multiple sports to watch while eating.

What to get: Wings, duh.

4. La Casa Lopez

meat, vegetable, platter, feast
Rianna Lloyd

For being in Idaho, La Casa serves some pretty authentic Mexican food. Apart from the food, it has a friendly atmosphere that makes you feel like family. It's so popular that it's almost impossible to go there without running into at least one person you know. They are also perfect for large parties or birthdays making it the go-to spot for any celebration.

What to get: Chips and Bean Dip

3. The Breakfast Club

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Christin Urso

You might have to wait an hour to be seated, but it's worth it. They have every breakfast food imaginable, and fancy mimosas to go with it. If you're not feeling breakfast, they have lunch items and burgers as well, but there's so much on the menu it would be hard to not find something you like. 

What to get: Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

2. Dutch Bros

ice, soda, alcohol, liquor, beer
Marissa Arnett

Dutch Bros has become a social event that happens pretty much every day. It's a fun adventure where you don't even have to leave your car. Whether it's for a study break or you're bored, Dutch is always a good Idea. They have a wide variety of drinks including flavored coffees or Rebels. If you don't want caffeine, they also have smoothies and frosts.

What to get: Blended James Dean    

1. Moscow Liquor Store

whisky, soda, juice, beer, wine, ice, liquor, vodka, alcohol
Alex Frank

Any WSU student that's 21 or older knows that the Washington hard alcohol tax is ridiculously high. When you're trying to save money, those few extra dollars are crucial. So when the night doesn't call for beer or a Loko from Bob's, your best bet is to head to the Moscow Liquor store. The cashiers are always friendly and never judge what or how much you're buying.

What to get: A half g of Burnett's