It happens to the best of us. Trekking home with friends on a Thursday night almost always involves taking a detour.

You didn’t mean for it to happen, but the Corner can be a dangerous place. Suddenly you find yourself waiting in a long line with your fellow inebriated college students. You wake up the next morning with an extra pimple or two, and there’s no denying it – you succumbed to the drunchies.

But what did you eat? There are a few possibilities:

1. Christian’s


Photo by Camille Shuken

This is almost too easy. You’re leaving Boylan and you can’t just not – the smell and the line spilling out the front door is beckoning to you. You agree to accompany your friend who is just dying for a slice, but once you walk in there’s no going back.

Chicken parmesan pizza or tortellini? Pizza is the quintessential drunk food, but the number of options on their extensive menu makes it impossible to resist.

2. The White Spot


Photo by Andie Goodman

Congratulations! Maybe you’ve successfully made it past Christian’s, and you’re feeling pretty high and mighty. But just when you think the worst is over, you pass the White Spot. You see your friend inside! You stop by just to say hi, and you quickly come to the realization that there is no leaving unscathed from here.

The person next to you is downing a Gus Burger faster than you can think about your diet, and next thing you know, you too are inhaling some weird, delicious burger with an egg on it. Oops.

3. Marco & Luca’s.


Photo by Camille Shuken

If you haven’t stopped somewhere yet, there’s something seriously wrong with you. But have no fear – Marco & Luca’s has by far the most intoxicating smell, and being right across from Coupe’s, your 2 am self will not be able to hold out.

The dumplings are a must of course, but the cold sesame noodles are also suprisingly satisfying. (#SpoonTip: Pour extra dumpling sauce on the noodles – you’re welcome).

Don’t beat yourself up – no, you will not wake up feeling #flawless, but diets are for daylight hours only. Deep down you know it was worth it, and you’re going to do it all over again tomorrow night.