Please don't kill me, but I hate coffee. On Sunday I met with a friend who just returned from Paris. He told me about his trip and his search for the best coffee in town. His eyes were glooming and his words so passionate, I couldn't interrupt. When he finished, he asked me where I had my best coffee experience. He couldn't hide disappointment when I admitted that coffee is number two on the list of "drinks I hate," right after Tequila. 

Anyways, I am a student and somehow I need to get caffeine, too. I already got frustrated, wanted to buy myself some caffeine pills and found this green powder of magic: MATCHA! Matcha is my life, my savor, and best friend in the morning. When it comes to matcha, I get as passionate as my friend does about coffee. I can't wait for the day when cafés finally offer matcha and waiters won't look at me like I came from outer space. "You want Mocha?" NO, I F**** DON'T WANT MOCHA.

As I dug deeper into the world of this healthy green tea powder, I realized London is a damn good place to find edible things made of Matcha. Here are my top 10 crazy matcha places to try in London: 

1. Kova Patisserie - Soho

Kova Patisserie café specializes in hand made cakes with a Japanese twist and organic Japanese teas. This picture of matcha mille crepes actually makes me wanna cry. Their main bake styles are the Mille Crêpes, Strawberry Shortcake and Roll Cake, whilst tea lovers will be equally satisfied with their selection of organic Japanese teas and lattes.

Whether dropping in for your morning latte, or trying something sweet and new from the cake counter, Kova offers Londoners the chance to taste and experience the latest café culture from East Asia. 

2. Shackfuyu - Soho

Shackfuyu is a Japanese fast food filling stop on Old Compton Street. I would say the Kinako French toast is the greatest pudding in London. A hunk of buttery, syrupy, sticky-middle, crispy-edged, hot-from-the-pan sweet stodge, served with green tea-flavoured Mr. Whippy ice cream. Yes, yes, yes! 

3. Tombo - South Kensington, Soho

London's king of matcha: Tombo Café. Basically the whole dessert menu contains matcha. Tombo not only surprises with their huge variation of matcha dessert; their sushi looks very different too. Not like regular sushi, Tombo forms little balls of rice and places the fish on top. I tried it and I thought it was pretty amazing. 

4. The Japan Centre - Piccadilly Circus

The Japan Centre close to Piccadilly Circus is like a supermarket for Japanese food - and many of them contain...guess what? MATCHA! They sell matcha ice cream, matcha pastries (brownies, muffins, bread,..) and my personal favorite is the matcha-melon cake. 

5. The Soft Serve Society - Shoreditch 

I nicknamed this freakshake" the "I-don't-wanna-know-how-many-calories-this-has", topped with cookies and cream sticks and puff pastry by the Soft Serve Society. Their crazy sundaes and freakshake, as they call them, are massive. I don't think I could ever finish one. The sundae called Matcha Madness has some red bean paste, oreos and rice cakes on top. PS: if you have a coffee loving friend you can go together because there is an espresso one, too. 

6. TSUJIRI UK Matcha House - Soho

When I see pictures like this I always think "if only I had matcha-loving friends, too". TSUJIRI is a matcha producer selling teas for over 155 years. TSUJIRI UK is it's matcha house in London where you can taste and buy one of their amazing MATCHA treats and take some matcha powder home. You definitely have to try one of their shaved ice matcha. 

7. Pan De Vie - Covent Garden

Pan De Vie is a luxurious Asian-fusion cake and bake storewith definitely has too many matcha treats to choose from. The unique concept combines classic European baking and patisserie methods with the exotic flavors of the Far East, bringing a brand new eating experience to London. I would recommend the Matcha Lychee Mousse or Blooming Green if you want to taste something completely different. 

8. Oliver Maki - Soho

Oliver Maki is lead by ex-nobu Las Vegas Chef Louis Kenji Huang. He plays with food and cooks with strange ingredients and new techniques, trying to push the boundaries with dishes (literally, the dishes) that surprise and delight guests. As you can see in the picture above, Oliver Maki's dishes look like small pieces of art such as their Terrarium Matcha Tiramisu. 

9. Nosteagia - Shoreditch

Nosteagia is a bubble wrap and bubble tea place in the heart of London's hipster district, Shoreditch. Bubble waffle was inspired by HK egg puff, which is one of the most popular street snacks. However, their waffle is less sweet and comes with lots of fantastic toppings, such as matcha ice cream. Bubble tea is a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in 1980's. Nosteagia brings the authentic ingredients directly from Taiwan and also fuses with local taste and ingredients to make it even better. Try their amazing Premium S+ Class Japanese Matcha mixed with chewy tapioca. 

... and number 10 goes to the Milk Train Café - Covent Garden 

If you walk down Bedfort Street and spot a massive queue infront of a small ice cream shop, then it's the Milk Train Café for sure. This small Japanese ice cream seller has attracted attention from all over the world, including newspapers writing reviews about it, such as the Standard. Basically, you can choose from 3 different kinds of ice creams, one of which is matcha, and choose your toppings. At the end they cover it with cotton candy, making your ice cream experience extra special. 

I do apologize to any other Matcha place out there which I  haven't discovered yet! I will find you.