If you’re like me and constantly crave a refreshing smoothie at least once a day, then sometimes Naked Juice can be a satisfactory option if you can’t get your hands on the real deal. It’s a quick way to get a refreshing drink in between classes or after a good workout.

The marketing of Naked Juice makes it seem like it's an optimal choice for a healthy snack. There are several delicious flavors to choose from; Berry Blast, Green Machine, and my old personal favorite, the classic strawberry banana. The nutritional facts on the back even list the amount of fruit in each one, which makes it feel like you’re drinking a real smoothie. After all, the labels of Naked juice say "100% real fruit” and “no added sugar added.” Right?

Let's Break It Down

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Vi Tran

Not exactly. This fruity drink not only lacks nutritional value but the drinks also contains about 44 to 53 grams of sugar, depending on the flavor. People argue that the sugar from the fruit is “good” sugar, but the truth is, your body can’t tell the difference between natural sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Instead of giving you energy, your blood sugar will spike and the insulin in your bloodstream will eventually crash which leads to another sugar craving later and an unhealthy diet.

From a sugar standpoint, drinking one standard size of a Naked Juice drink is equivalent to eating 4 glazed donuts from Dunkin Donuts. The average sugar a woman is supposed to consume in a day is 25 grams and 37.5 grams for men. That means that just ONE of those sugary drinks is more than the recommended daily intake. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spread out my sugar intake elsewhere.

Still Not Convinced?

Now let’s talk about the fiber argument. Fiber is in fruits and helps assists with digestion, as well as helping your body absorb nutrients. The reason your body can handle the sugar in real fruit smoothies is because of the fiber regulating your consumption and metabolic impact. Naked Juice contains no fiber which means, you guessed it, just simply too much sugar in your body for one intake.

Naked claims to contain nutritional value, but that has been proven to not be the case. The marketing on the bottles have been very deceiving saying things like "Sea Greens" to make it seem like you are drinking nutrients in the form of greens. But when you do your research, the drink mostly consists of cheap, high sugar juices.

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Andrew Chang

There Even Was a Lawsuit...

 A consumer advocacy group sued PepsiCo for its misleading marketing tactics with Naked Juice in order to help people who are trying to diet. Many federal nutrition and nutrition programs argue that we shouldn't get anymore than 10% of our daily calories from added sugars. The biggest legal problem they had with PepsiCo wasn't just that the drinks were unhealthy but the fact that the brand is marketed as a healthy option. The tag lines "only the best ingredients" and "just the healthiest fruits and vegetables" just are not true for the expensive price consumers pay. Naked Juice is now being forced to change its labels to ensure customer honesty.

Parisa Soraya

SO, the next time you’re craving a sweet smoothie, substitute it for one of those bomb smoothies that use real fruit. OR the best way to make sure it’s fiber filled is to stop at the farmer’s market or grocery store and try some of these tasty recipes. Drink up!