Winter is here, and while the people of Westeros may not eat as well as they did during the long summer, we can still reminisce about the good times. Heck, let's celebrate by eating like them. This "Game of Thrones" menu will practically make you feel like you're a member of one of one of the seven kingdoms.

Keep in mind, this menu isn't for the faint of heart. I don't think there were many vegan or gluten-free alternatives at the time.

Breakfast at Winterfell

A typical breakfast served to a lord or a lady in Winterfell is made up of "hot bread, butter and honey and blackberry preserves, a rasher of bacon and a soft-boiled egg, [and] a wedge of cheese," according to the first "Game of Thrones" book. 

Arguably one of the more modern (er, normal) meals featured in the series, this breakfast offers the perfect amount of sweet and savory you need to start your day. Even Tyrion Lannister enjoys it in Season 1, despite his unequivocal love for wine.

Wild Boar

While King Robert Baratheon was tragically killed by a boar during a hunting trip, that doesn't mean the people of King's Landing no longer can feast on one (according to Cersei).

The feast that Cersei revels in includes a smoked wild boar cooked with mushrooms and apples. Wild boar might be hard to find in your local supermarket, but maple smoked pork chops are almost the same thing. Almost. 

Pigeon Pie

Despite what ultimately ends up happening at the "Purple Wedding," the people of King's Landing seemed to enjoy the Pigeon Pie.

Because pigeon meat isn't typically eaten in our world, the pigeon can be replaced with a little bit bigger of a bird. So now, it's chicken pot pie. Chicken mixed with corn, peas, carrots and green beans and baked into a pie makes for a hearty meal. Of course, like the people of Westeros, have it with a glass of wine.

Bread & Salt

Perhaps the most simple option on this "Game of Thrones" menu. When bread and salt are offered by the owner to a guest in a castle, inn or home, that guest cannot be harmed. This is a sacred custom in Westeros known as "Guest Right." I guess it is kind of like when you're offered bread and butter for free in a restaurant, right? No? 

Make your guests feel comfortable with homemade zucchini, garlic or banana bread

Chestnut Soup

"Cersei set a tasty table, that could not be denied. They started with a creamy chestnut soup, crusty hot bread, and greens dressed with apples and pine nuts," as stated in the second book. 

If Cersei (who is perhaps the most controlling and demanding queen out there) enjoys this soup, it must be good. Do you think she dunks the crisp hot bread in the broth? I know I would.

Chestnut soup is a little uncommon, but leave it to Martha Stewart to have a recipe and mix pumpkin into it. Genius! 

Stallion Heart

While Daenerys ate this stallion heart like a champ, she and the Dothraki are not the only ones who enjoy eating animal heart.

While it might be prepared slightly, nope VERY, differently, cow heart is an option. I'm not kidding. This recipe cooks the heart with wine, onion, potatoes, beef broth, flour, salt and pepper. It sounds much better than raw–just saying.

You can't have an Ultimate Game of Thrones menu without some type of Dothraki meal on it, so channel your inner Princess of House Targaryen with some heart-inspired menu items. Or, you know, just have a normal steak. 

Sansa's Lemon Cakes

Thanks to Sansa, there is a little something sweet on this menu. I wonder what Westeros House supplied King's Landing with the lemons?

This zesty lemon butter cake adds a twist of peach – sounds like a sweet end to the night if you ask me. Not into lemon cakes? Find out what desserts your favorite "Game of Thrones" character would be.

Based on Olenna Tyrell's following line, I'll be eating with House Tyrell. See you soon, High Garden.